Episode 1: Cloud's Life in Danger! Get the Medilaser

Episode 2: On Trial! The Con Host Richard Rooter

Episode 3: Mimi the Giant! Find the Shrinking Cure

Episode 4: Bogart-Styled Mystery! The Maltese Spider

Episode 5: Gravity Out of Control! High-Flying Mobians

Episode 6: Strange Behaviors! Cloud and Vanitas Mind Switched

Episode 7: Eternal Winter Strikes! We Must Thaw the Ice

Episode 8: Yuffie the Hedgehog! Aquakinetic Battle

Episode 9: Rodent Man of the Sewers! The Rat King

Episode 10: The Komodo Brothers Fired and Banished?!

Episode 11: Dinosaur Battle! Journey to the Earth's Core

Episode 12: The Beautiful Princess Zelda from Another Dimension!

Episode 13: Ringuma's Anger! Highland Forest Escape

Episode 14: Cut Into Dimensions! The Alien Ninja Sword

Episode 15: Battle at Sea! New York City's Ocean Flood

Episode 16: Eternal Solar Eclipse! Battle for the Sun and Power

Episode 17: All for One, One for All! Musketeer Madness

Episode 18: Animals in Danger! Mobians in Danger

Episode 19: Cortex is Charmy?! Solve the New Evil Plot!

Episode 20: Alien Visitors! What Do They Want?

Episode 21: Tiny Mobians Again?! Insect Assistance!

Episode 22: Valentine's Date! All Lovers' Date

Episode 23: The Pumpkin's Revenge! Jack's Return

Episode 24: Defeat the Glitchy Pests! Glitch Bugs

Episode 25: Unstable Mutation! Mutant Bull on the Loose

Episode 26: Night of the Werehog! Restore Sonic

Episode 27: Friendship by Pizza! Mozzy's Plight

Episode 28: Super Mutants Created! Stop the Mesmerizer

Episode 29: Bake Off! Mutagen in Icing

Episode 30: Paint Battle! Restore the Color

Episode 31: The Muscular Penguin! Drake

Episode 32: Happy Birthday Charmy!

Episode 33: Freaky Friday! Sonic and Shadow's Adventure

Episode 34: Disappearing Female Mobians! Off to the Rescue

Episode 35: Where's Cheese and Froggy?! Coney Island Search!

Episode 36: Omega's Quest! Hunt for the Acid-Proof Crystal

Episode 37: The Birth of Cait Sith!

Episode 38: Clash! Drake Vs. the Rat King

Episode 39: End of Crime Fighting?! The Mobianator!

Episode 40: Good Luck, Bad Luck! Venn Diagram Magic

Episode 41: Quiz Off! Win the Prism Crystal of Light

Episode 42: Gang Story! Charmy's Human Adventure

Episode 43: Runaway Dimension X Pet! The Grybyx

Episode 44: Wild Goose Chase! Treasure Hunt

Episode 45: Rescue Cosmo and Bushroot! Prism Roses of the Underground

Episode 46: Cloud and Aerith Gone?! A Team No More!

Episode 47: Battle for the Three Lost Kingdoms! Atlantis, Laputa, and Lilliput

Episode 48: Fort Charles Raid! Rescue Elise's Group

Episode 49: Hurry Mobians! The Jotundrome Rises

Episode 50: Climax Battle! The Jotundrome Falls

Sonic the Hedgehog: N/A

Sonic the Hedgehog in Shadow the Hedgehog's Body: N/A

Miles "Tails" Prower: N/A

Knuckles the Echidna: N/A

Amy Rose: N/A

Cosmo the Seedrian: N/A

Tikal: N/A

Shadow the Hedgehog: N/A

Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic the Hedgehog's Body: N/A

Rouge the Bat: N/A

E-123 Omega: N/A

Silver the Hedgehog: N/A

Blaze the Cat: N/A

Cream the Rabbit: N/A

Espio the Chameleon: N/A

Charmy Bee: N/A

Vector the Crocodile: N/A

Big the Cat: N/A

Max the Wolf: N/A

Kayla the Wolf: N/A

Cloud Strife: N/A

Cloud Strife in Vanitas' Body: N/A

Aerith Gainsborough: N/A

Loki: N/A

Loki in the Mayor of New York City's Body: N/A

Sephiroth: N/A

Vamdemon: N/A

Belialvamdemon: N/A

Hunter J: N/A

Vanitas: N/A

Vanitas in Cloud Strife's Body: N/A

Dr. Eggman: N/A

Dr. Neo Cortex: N/A

Uka-Uka: N/A

Picodevimon: N/A

Nitros Oxide: N/A

Dr. Nitros Brio: N/A

Dr. Nitros Gin: N/A

Dr. Nefarious Tropy: N/A

Mephiles the Dark: N/A

Infinite: N/A

Elise Oriana III: N/A

Allison Oriana: N/A

Twilight Sparkle: N/A

Rainbow Dash: N/A

Applejack: N/A

Fluttershy: N/A

Rarity: N/A

Pinkie Pie: N/A

Sunset Shimmer: N/A

Adagio Dazzle: N/A

Aria Blaze: N/A

Starlight Glimmer: N/A

Sonata Dusk: N/A

Trixie: N/A

Spike: N/A

Kiriha Aonuma: N/A

Chris Thorndyke: N/A

Comet Tail: N/A

Soarin: N/A

Caramel: N/A

Braeburn: N/A

Thunderlane: N/A

Pokey Pierce: N/A

Flash Sentry: N/A

Ace D. Copular: N/A

Sanford "Snake" D. Ingleberry: N/A

Li'l Arturo de la Guerra: N/A

Big William "Billy" W. Williams: N/A

Grubber J. Gribberish: N/A

Ember: N/A

Ripper Roo: N/A

Koala Kong: N/A

Pinstripe Potoroo: N/A

Komodo Joe: N/A

Komodo Moe: N/A

Rilla Roo: N/A

Richard Rooter: N/A

Archnemon: N/A

Mummymon: N/A

Orbot: N/A

Cubot: N/A

Tribot: N/A

Negaduck: N/A

Makuramon: N/A

Splatter Phoenix: N/A

Ashitaka: N/A

San: N/A

Arren: N/A

Therru: N/A

Tiny Tiger: N/A

Dingodile: N/A

Yuffie Kisaragi: N/A

Bushroot: N/A

Megavolt: N/A

Quackerjack: N/A

Liquidator: N/A

Kara Wallaroo: N/A

Roxanne Pear: N/A

Chief Wiggum: N/A

Lou: N/A

Eddie: N/A

Hoffman: N/A

Nurse Joy: N/A

Officer Junsar: N/A

Taichi Yagami: N/A

Sora Takenouchi: N/A

Yamato Ishida: N/A

Koushiro Izumi: N/A

Mimi Tachikawa: N/A

Jyou Kido: N/A

Takeru Takaishi-Ishida: N/A

Hikari Yagami: N/A

Agumon: N/A

Piyomon: N/A

Gabumon: N/A

Tentomon: N/A

Palmon: N/A

Gomamon: N/A

Patamon: N/A

Tailmon: N/A

Aku-Aku: N/A

Crash Bandicoot: N/A

Tawna Bandicoot: N/A

Sombra Bandicoot: N/A

Coco Bandicoot: N/A

Crunch Bandicoot: N/A

Sticks the Badger: N/A

Seifer Almasy: N/A

Rai: N/A

Fuu: N/A

J. Jonah Jamieson: N/A

Cait Sith: N/A

Jack O'Lantern: N/A

General Traag: N/A

Granitor: N/A

Tiffany: N/A

Drake: N/A

Rat King: N/A

Link: N/A

Princess Zelda: N/A

Aryll: N/A

King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule: N/A

Impa: N/A

Mayor of New York City in Loki's Body: N/A

Other characters: N/A

Total: N/A

Winning Character with Most Lines: N/A

Winning Episode with Most Lines: N/A

Losing Character with Less Lines: N/A

Losing Episode with Less Lines: N/A

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