Opening song: Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians (1987) Theme Song

Komodo Lumps

(The next morning in Central Park, Cream is counting with her face covered on a tree and her eyes closed)

Cream: ....Eight, nine, ten!

(Then she opened her eyes and turned away from the tree happily)

Cream: Ready or not, here I come!

(She ran around the park, looking around playfully with a soft smile. Then she noticed something blue in the bushes and realizing what it is, she giggles quietly and pretended to not notice)

Cream: (Pretending) Well, I guess Cheese is nowhere nearby. Where could he be, I wonder?

(She walks away. In the bushes, the blue figure was revealed to be Cheese, who saw Cream walking away. He giggled quietly, and just when he laid low, Cream came up from behind and found him)

Cream: Found you!

(Startled at first, Cheese noticed Cream and then they both giggled a bit)

Cream: Now to find Mr. Tiny and Mr. Dingodile.

Cheese: (Happily agreeing) Chao, chao.

(Then they resume the search, for they were actually playing hide-n'-seek with Tiny and Dingodile. After searching a bit, Cheese then noticed a familiar tuft tail peeking from behind a nearby rock, nudged Cream silently. She noticed and they giggled quietly. Behind the rock, Tiny snickered quietly when he felt something tug on his tail. He turned in surprise and saw it was Cream and Cheese tugging his tail gently. They chuckle a bit after Cream released his tail)

Tiny: You found Tiny.

Cream: Sure did.

Cheese: (Happily) Chao, chao.

Tiny: Now to find Dingodile.

Cream: Yep.

(Then they began their search for Dingodile. In the center of the Earth in the Jotundrome, the villains are hanging around, as if thinking up a way for something)

Uka-Uka: A very simple question, everyone.

Villains: Yeah?

Uka-Uka: Any ideas for our new plan to wipe out the Mobians and their allies?

Villains: Nothing so far.

(Demidevimon scoffs)

Demidevimon: The greatest villains, namely us, and we have no perfect plan on how to defeat the enemy for good.

Vanitas: Well, we'll think of an idea that's so good it's bad.

Cubot: Don't you mean "So bad it's good?"

Vanitas: I was saying it like a true bad guy, dumbot.

Eggman: Yeah, dumbot.

(Nearby, the Komodo Brothers are doing pull-ups on an iron bar with their legs when they lost balance and fell down. Noticing this, the villains glared flatly)

Pinstripe: (Flatly) Any injuries?

Komodo Brothers: (Recovering) Nope!

Moe: Just got exhausted, then fell down and went boom.

(Then Komodo Joe leaned his right elbow on a table where one of Vanitas' helmets is sitting on)

Komodo Joe: And besides, we got no scratches or bruises because of it.

(Then, much to the notice of the villains, except the Komodo Brothers, they see the table leaning from where Komodo Joe is laying his elbow and Vanitas' helmet is sliding toward the edge)

Vanitas: My helmet!

(Noticing, the Komodo Brothers caught it)

Komodo Brothers: Got it!

(Then they started a tug-o'-war over the helmet, which, much to the villains' calm shock and Vanitas' calm concern, it started cracking)

Komodo Joe: No, I got it!

Moe: I got it!

Komodo Joe: I got it!

Moe: Give it to me!

Komodo Joe: No, you give it to me!

Vanitas: (During the fighting, concerned for his helmet) Stop it!

(Then after Komodo Joe says "No, you give it to me," the helmet breaks in half. After seeing it broken in half, the Komodo Brothers gave nervous toothy grins and tried to place the broken halves together)

Komodo Brothers: (Nervously) Ta-da.

(But the helmet slipped out of their hands and remained broken. Then Vanitas clenched in hair in frustration while the villains, except the henchmen, glared angrily. Then Vanitas calmed down and while still tensing in anger calmly, he spoke up)

Vanitas: (Calmly tensing in anger) I got one simple question, Komodo Brothers.

Komodo Brothers: Yeah?

Moe: What's that?

(Vanitas picked up his broken in half helmet, starting to let his temper boil over slowly)

Vanitas: (Tensing in anger slowly) Do you know how many helmets I have now that one of broken?

(A short pause, then the Komodo Brothers answered)

Komodo Joe: About a million.

Moe: Or was it a thousand?

(Vanitas then seemingly calmed down, pretending to be calmly forgiving)

Vanitas: Moe is correct. And now....

(He then punches the Komodo Brothers down in a fury)

Vanitas: (Screaming) I HAVE 999 HELMETS NOW!!

(Loki and Uka-Uka's groups angrily clamored in agreement)

Hunter J: Next time, keep your clumsy hands to yourselves!

Myotismon: And no screw ups!

Sephiroth: For if you do that again...!

Eggman: Then you two will be the ones who'll get it!

Cortex: Get it?!

Loki: And we don't even want to hear any "Oops," "Whoops," or "Uh-ohs," ever again!

(The Komodo Brothers, nervous by the shouting, chuckled nervously and agreed, wanting to stay on their good side)

Komodo Brothers: (Nervously) Sure.

(They chuckle nervously a bit. Then they ran back to their room while the villains continued glaring angrily. In their room, the Komodo Brothers became lost in thought)

Komodo Joe: It's not our fault we're clumsy. We try everything we could to make them happy.

Moe: Back when our family was alive and we were humans, they would always stand up for us.

Komodo Joe: Yeah....

(Then they reminisce their childhood when they were human kids in Queens, New York)

Moe: (Voice-over) And besides, they would sometimes laugh instead.

Komodo Joe: (Voice-over) Until.... It happened.

(Then it showed them watching in sadness from afar as their home is on fire during a stormy night, leaving them broke and homeless. Then it cuts to them joining Loki's group and their henchmen as punks. Back in the present, after their trip through memory lane, they began contemplating)

Moe: We just gotta think of a way to defeat the Mobians and their allies.

Komodo Joe: But how, if we don't want to screw up?

(They walk out of the room, thinking some more. Then, upon seeing a damaged blown-up TNT box in the garbage disposal, they then found some non-activated TNT and Nitro boxes and an idea spread across them as they slowly got interested. Later, in the main room near the big monitor screen, the villains were gathered around, ready to be shown the plan)

Villains, except Ripper: (Flatly) TNT and Nitro Boxes?

Ripper: (Excitedly) Really?!

Komodo Brothers: Yeah!

Moe: We'll just lure those furballs right into them.

Komodo Joe: We'll just carefully disguise them as us, and thinking it'll be us....

Moe: BOOM!! Blown up into oblivion.

Ripper: (Crazily excited) Boom, boom, boom! I like it!

(He laughs crazily a bit as the villains smirked evilly with impressed looks)

Villains: Not a bad idea.

Loki: You thought up something smart for once.

Komodo Brothers: (Happily) Thank you!

Komodo Joe: Boy, those Mobians and their allies will be in for a deadly surprise.

Moe: One involving explosions.

Komodo Brothers: Like on the Fourth of July!

(On "July," they accidentally bump into a TNT Box, activating it, much to the villains' calm shock. Even the Komodo Brothers realized in shock as well)

Mephiles: Did you just activate it?!

Komodo Brothers: (Shocked and nervous) Oops, whoops, and.... Uh-oh.

Pinstripe: Hit the deck!

(Then all the villains took shelter and with one explosion, the TNT Box blew up the rest of the TNT and Nitro Boxes, destroying the big monitor screen in the process. After that's over, all the villains came out slowly, calmly shocked at the damaged monitor screen. The Komodo Brothers gave sheepish grins as Loki and Uka-Uka's groups slowly got angry, ready to explode)

Komodo Brothers: (Nervously) Uh, we can fix that.

(Then Loki and Uka-Uka's groups finally snapped)

Loki and Uka-Uka's groups: THAT'S IT!!

Tropy: You are finished!

Eggman: Gone!

Loki: Out of here!

(The Komodo Brothers got confused)

Komodo Brothers: (Confused) A vacation so soon?

Komodo Joe: (Confused) Where at?

Moe: (Confused) You want us to leave for a week or...?

Myotismon: We want you to abrogate!

(The Komodo Brothers got confused even more)

Moe: Define "Abrogate."

Komodo Joe: Anybody got a dictionary?

Hunter J: It means in other words, lunkheads, you are no longer one of us!

(Shocked upon realizing, the Komodo Brothers tried to plead)

Komodo Brothers: What?!

Moe: But where will we go to live from here?

Komodo Joe: We've been with you as your punk members for 14 years! Almost 14.

Infinite: That is no concern of ours where you both go or live from here!

N. Gin: That's right.

N. Brio: You two are through!

Oxide: Finished!

Loki: You two are no, longer, punks!

(The Komodo Brothers reacted in shock, like a hammer hitting their chests)

Vanitas: You are no longer welcome here!

(The Komodo Brothers again reacted in shock, like a hammer hitting their chests)

Cortex: And we don't ever want to take you back again!

Eggman: In other words, you are exiled! Forever!

Demidevimon: You're both fired and banished!

Loki and Uka-Uka's groups: NOW GET OUT!!

(The Komodo Brothers, still in shock, collapsed on their backs. As they get up, they see all the Gauntlet Soldiers and Stone Warriors standing in two straight lines like soldiers, their backs turned on them. Realizing it means they must walk this Walk of Shame straight to a Module, the Komodo Brothers got up and walked slowly, getting concerned and sad slowly. Then near the Module, they see that even the henchmen are doing the same thing the Gauntlet Soldiers and Stone Warriors are doing, but reluctantly. They look at each other in calm concern, regarding one another silently, until....)

Loki and Uka-Uka's groups: Guys!

(The henchmen resumed turning their backs to the Komodo Brothers reluctantly. Concern turning into sadness, the Komodo Brothers entered the Module and left. As the Module exited, Ripper secretly eyed them leaving, then resumed his role in the Walk of Shame line. Back at Central Park at the surface, Cream, Cheese, and Tiny are looking around for Dingodile still, continuing their game of hide-n'-seek. Then finally, they spot Dingodile's flamethrower capsule sticking out from behind a boulder and found him)

Cream and Tiny: Found you!

Cheese: (Happily) Chao, chao!

Dingodile: (Playfully haughty) Exposed!

(They laugh a bit until they heard thunder in the sky)

Dingodile: Looks like it's gonna rain.

Tiny: Let's head back to sewer lair.

Cream: Agreed.

Cheese: (Happily agreeing) Chao, chao!

(Then as it started to rain, the four of them puts on their raincoats and as soon as they did, it rained a little hard)

Tiny: It's incredible that Punk Mutants have agreed to visit for couple of days, despite this rain.

Cream: But at least they love the rain.

Dingodile: Because they're from the south.

Cheese: (Happily agreeing) Chao, chao.

(As they walked a little faster to find a manhole leading to the sewers, they reached the Glen Span Arch. Suddenly, they heard soft crying and sniffling coming from within the arch. Confused, Cream's group investigated and saw, to their surprise....)

Cream's group: (Whispering in suspicion) The Komodo Brothers?!

(Then they see that the Komodo Brothers, their backs in front of them, crying softly and Cream's group got both suspicious and confused. They approached slowly and noticed that the Komodo Brothers have buried their faces in their own handkerchiefs, crying still. Cream's group nod to each other, and they speak up as they approach cautiously)

Cream's group: What's the matter?

(Then both sides got startled and jumped in surprise upon seeing each other finally. After that's done, the Komodo Brothers then tried to act tough, despite that they are crying still)

Komodo Joe: (Tearfully) Quit spying on us!

Moe: (Tearfully) Go away!

(They cried in their handkerchiefs again while Cream's group glared angrily)

Cream: We weren't spying on you!

Cheese: (Angrily agreeing) Chao, chao!

Dingodile: And we ain't going away!

Tiny: We heard you...!

(Then seeing the Komodo Brothers looking up, still crying slowly, Cream's group calmed down, still giving suspicious looks)

Dingodile: You want to fight us?

(Then the Komodo Brothers, after sniffling, tried to act tough again)

Moe: (Quavering tearfully, trying to act tough) No! We're good.

Komodo Joe: (Quavering tearfully, trying to act tough) We're a-okay.

(Cream's group didn't buy it with flat glares. Then tearing up again, the Komodo Brothers broke down crying again)

Komodo Joe: (Crying) Aw, who cares?! One minute we were working for Loki and Uka-Uka's groups, then the next thing we know...!

Moe: (Crying) We're fired and banished from the Jotundrome!

(They bawl their eyes out, spewing waterworks. Cream's group still didn't buy it)

Dingodile: Sure you were, just to let our guard down.

Tiny: And attack us.

(After stopping their bawling upon hearing that, the Komodo Brothers then bawled again)

Komodo Joe: (Crying) But it's true! We really are the only ones up here!

Moe: (Crying) And we really are fired and banished!

(They calmed their crying down and went up to Cream's group, pleadingly)

Moe: (Crying) You have to look us in the teary eyes, please!

Komodo Joe: (Crying) And see we're not lying to you!

(A short pause, then Cream's group softened a bit and gave in upon seeing the Komodo Brothers' honesty in their tear-stained eyes)

Cream's group: Okay.

Cream: We'll believe you both for now.

Cheese: (Agreeing) Chao, chao.

Tiny: So, why don't you just go back to your home in Queens.

Dingodile: Back to your family.

(This upsetted the Komodo Brothers even more. And they ended up on the verge of crying again)

Dingodile: Was it something Tiny and I said?

(The Komodo Brothers started to tearfully tense up, about to cry again)

Tiny: All we said was....

(Then the Komodo Brothers cried again, and this time, Cream's group got apologetic)

Cream: (Apologetically) Hey, hey! Don't cry!

Tiny: What'd we say?

(The Komodo Brothers eased their crying down as they continued crying)

Komodo Joe: (Crying) We have no home to go to because.... (Sniffles) Of a fire.

Moe: (Crying) And we were just kids that time, but as humans back then. (Sniffles) And no family anymore....

Komodo Brothers: (Crying) So we have no home to go to now....

(They sobbed a bit and blew their noses on their handkerchiefs. Feeling sorry for them for the first time upon hearing this, Cream's group smiled softly a bit. Later in the sewer lair, our heroes, including their human allies, and even the Punk Mutants consisting Ashitaka, San, Arren, and Therru, are told by Cream's group on the Mobiancom on what just happened, and are a bit shocked on what they were told)

Yuffie: (Aghast) The Komodo Brothers want a place to stay?

Vector: Right here in the sewer lair?

Cream: (On-screen) What could hurt?

Knuckles: Uh, a lot.

Therru: They're the enemy.

Cream: (On-screen) Not anymore.

(Our heroes got confused)

Cloud: Why do the Komodo Brothers want to stay with us?

Cream: (On-screen) Loki and Uka-Uka's groups fired and banished them.

Cheese: (On-screen, agreeing) Chao, chao.

Tiny: (On-screen) So, we're good now.

Dingodile: (On-screen) Remember how you took, me, Yuffie, and Tiny in?

(Realizing slowly, our heroes became unsure while Cloud and Aerith contemplated)

Shadow: We understand, but....

Aerith: Let us try to give them a chance.

Cloud: Aerith is right.

(They look at them)

Cloud: We did with Tiny, Dingodile, and Yuffie like Dingodile pointed out.

Aerith: But we will watch over them regardless.

(Giving in, our heroes nod and Sonic spoke up to Cream's group on the Mobiancom)

Sonic: Okay.

San: But they better not double-cross us.

Cream's group: (On-screen) Okay.

(Then they hung up. Back at the Glen Span Arch in Central Park, Cream's group turned to the Komodo Brothers, no longer crying and their handkerchiefs put away, with soft happy victorious looks)

Cream: Looks like you're staying with us.

(The Komodo Brothers got excited)

Komodo Brothers: Yes!

(Tiny and Dingodile relaxed them)

Dingodile: Easy there!

Tiny: Just follow us.

Komodo Brothers: (Nod) Okay.

(Then they see the rain ended)

Tiny: Right on cue.

(Then Cream's group remove their raincoats and they and the Komodo Brothers headed out of the arch and out of the park. Upon seeing a manhole nearby, they were about to run up to it when Wiggum and the cops spot them)

Wiggum: The Komodo Brothers?!

(The police went up to them, much to the Komodo Brothers' nervous reaction)

Moe: (Chuckles nervously a bit) No hard feelings, guys?

Komodo Joe: (Nervously) Be nice.

Hoffman: And why should we, punks?

(Then Cream's group stood up for the Komodo Brothers, explaining away)

Cream: Because they were fired and banished.

(The police got confused)

Police: (Confused) What?

Lou: They're fired and banished?

Eddie: Why?

(Later, all was explained and the police understood, but still not trusting to the Komodo Brothers)

Wiggum: We all see now.

Komodo Joe: Does that mean you'll trust us now?

Moe: We promise to no longer do bad things on you.

(After thinking it over, the cops gave in)

Police: Very well.

Wiggum: But mark our words.

Hoffman: If you break one law, doing evil deeds again, then you're the enemy again.

Lou: No longer trusted.

Eddie: And you'll go to jail. Capisce?

(Confused by the word "Capisce," the Komodo Brothers asked away)

Komodo Brothers: Define "Capisce."

Hoffman: It's Italian for "Understand."

(Realizing, the Komodo Brothers understood)

Komodo Brothers: (Saluting) Understood.

Wiggum: Okay. You may go now.

(They prepare to leave)

Wiggum: But we'll be watching you.

(He does the "I am watching you" finger gesture to the Komodo Brothers. Then with that, Cream's group led the Komodo Brothers down into the sewers)

Commercial break

(In the sewer lair, our heroes are enjoying some pizza topped with spaghetti and meatballs for lunch)

Arren: I gotta admit, this spaghetti and meatball pizza is good.

Snake: Never doubt Charmy'sssss cooking ssssskillssss.

Rarity: Along with Cream and Cheese's.

Rainbow Dash: Speaking of Cream and Cheese, what's taking them, Tiny, Dingodile, and our two new guests so long to return?

(Then Cream's group and the Komodo Brothers arrived)

Cream's group: We're here!

Heroes: Hey.

Elise: Did the police see the Komodo Brothers?

Tiny: They did.

Dingodile: But rest assured, we convinced them to trust the Komodo Brothers as well.

Komodo Joe: And told us that if we do evil deeds again, we'd go to jail.

Moe: And treated as enemies again.

Espio: We'll see to it that it never happens. Hopefully.

(Later in the main room of the sewer lair, our heroes are debating where the Komodo Brothers will be sleeping now that they're staying with them)

Charmy: There is no way I'm letting them sleep with me!

Amy: Or me!

Moe: We want something to sleep in that's comfortable.

Komodo Joe: Not girly.

Moe: Not small.

Komodo Joe: Not too big.

Moe: Not enclosed.

Komodo Joe: And definitely not scary.

Komodo Brothers: Just something a little big and safe.

(Thinking about their needs, our heroes realized and eyed Knuckles with our non-serious heroes smiling smugly. Knuckles slowly realized)

Knuckles: My room?

(Our non-serious heroes smiled smugly a bit while our serious heroes nodded with soft smiles. Knuckles started to object)

Knuckles: No way!

Charmy: (Smugly) But the Komodo Brothers want something that's a little big and safe, Knuckles.

Shadow: (Agreeing) And your room fits that description.

Knuckles: But what if they have loud snoring like bears?

Komodo Joe: Then cover your ears with earplugs.

Moe: That's what our former side would do if we snored loudly.

(Thinking it over, Knuckles gave in grudgingly)

Knuckles: Fine! But don't let Komodo Moe's fat belly crush me if he's sleeping next to me.

Komodo Joe: Not to worry.

Moe: My belly's not too fat.

(Then Moe's stomach growled, much to his and Komodo Joe's embarrassment)

Moe: Uh, I can diet a little.

Komodo Joe: And pizza's not our food normally.

Joe: Then what foods do you like?

(A short pause)

Komodo Brothers: Burgers.

(Our heroes, surprised to hear that choice, gave in, except for Snake)

Snake: Burgerssss normally make me fart.

(Ace socks him)

Snake: Then again, not a bad choicccce.

(Back in the Jotundrome, the villains are trying to think of a new plan to defeat the Mobians and their allies after repairing the damaged monitor screen)

Oxide: Okay, since those bozos we call the Komodo Brothers have destroyed all of our TNT and Nitro Boxes, we need to think up another plan to destroy those pesky Mobians and their allies.

Villains: Agreed.

(While the henchmen contemplated, Loki's group noticed Uka-Uka's group looking through the monitor for something that can help them)

Loki: (Sarcastically) What're you looking for, a new invention that'll be destroyed easily?

Demidevimon: (Laughs sarcastically, then seriously) No! We're looking for something that'll make sure the Mobians and their allies don't fight back when we use whatever we need on them.

Vanitas: And what is this...? "Whatever we need?"

Tropy: Not sure yet.

Infinite: But what we need, like Demidevimon said, is something the enemy won't fight back against when we use it.

Mephiles: Something to hold them in place, just to torture them with cruel pain and suffering to their doom.

Hunter J: But where are we gonna do that plan?

(Uka-Uka's group showed the subway station on the monitor screen now that it's repaired)

Loki's group: The subway station?

Uka-Uka's group: Better.

(They reveal the tracks. Then a subway train zipped by, making Loki's group realize with calm evil smirks)

Sephiroth: Oh, Loki's group and I get it....

Myotismon: Like any old 1920s cartoon shorts.

(Then the henchmen came up)

Rilla: What do you mean by "1920s cartoon shorts?"

(Loki and Uka-Uka's groups smirked evilly a bit and then ushered the henchmen to approach)

Orbot: You found a new plan?

Uka-Uka: Come here and we'll tell you.

(They silently whisper the plan to the henchmen, making them smirk evilly in agreement)

Pinstripe: Ah, we get it....

Mummymon: We will not fail you.

Arukenimon: Unlike those clumsy Komodo Brothers.

Tropy: And you are going to do this mission first thing tomorrow in the afternoon.

(Back at the surface in New York, the sun came up the next morning. In the sewer lair, our heroes, except the human allies, are asleep when they bolted awake from two loud bugle calls. Our non-serious heroes bolted out into the room from their rooms while our serious heroes ran out, looking calmly livid)

Yuffie: We're under attack!

Sonic: Run!

Knuckles: Batten down the hatches!

Tails: Women and children first!

Charmy: Women, children, and food first!

(Then our non-serious heroes collided into our serious heroes and collapsed on the floor. Then they calmed down upon smelling something delicious)

Cloud: What is that smell?

(They go into the kitchen and saw some breakfast on the table)

Cream: Good morning, everyone.

Cheese: (Happily) Chao, chao.

(Our heroes got confused when they see the Komodo Brothers standing next to Cream, Cheese, Tiny, and Dingodile)

Tiny: We made you breakfast.

Dingodile: Something to surprise you with.

Komodo Joe: With our help.

Moe: And our two bugles' help.

(Speechless at first, our heroes then sat down at the table and then, not wanting to hurt their feelings over a rude wake-up call, they just thanked them)

Heroes: Thanks.

(Then Cream, Cheese, Tiny, Dingodile, and the Komodo Brothers walked out to go clean up after themselves. Once alone, our heroes then spoke to each other)

Aerith: I have to admit, their wake-up call was, well.... Uncalled for.

Cloud: Tell me about it.

San: (Starting to get angry) And if I didn't know about the breakfast, (Angrily) I would've just taken those bugles...! And just...!

(She tensed a bit, then she calmed down, took a scoop of grits with her fork, and ate it)

San: Other than that, the food's good.

Ashitaka: You said it.

(Then they proceeded to eat breakfast. At a local gadget factory, the employees are at work when a brief tremor hits outside on the parking lot. Then the Module emerged and out came the henchmen, ready to bust in. Then they bursted in, charging inside and aiming their laser guns and tommy gun at the panicked employees. Then they see a million laser ropes, and grabbed them. Then they hurried to the Module and got away. Later, our heroes have arrived with the Komodo Brothers and met up with Elise, Christopher, and Tai's groups, Kara, and Roxanne, having been told of the robbery)

Kayla: Laser ropes?

Max: Why would some thieves steal laser ropes?

Twilight Sparkle: According to what eyewitnesses informed us, they were strange mutant animals and robots, most of them Australian.

(Realizing, our heroes and the Komodo Brothers got it)

Heroes: Loki's group's henchmen!

Komodo Joe: Our fellows were here?

Moe: Without us?

(Our heroes looked at them)

Sonic: Relax, the both of you.

Shadow: You said so yourselves that they fired and kicked you out, right?

(Remembering that, the Komodo Brothers understood and nodded, but deep down, they are reluctant)

Moe: (Thinking) What if we were to fight?

Komodo Joe: (Thinking) Sure, we're angry at them for firing and banishing us, but fight them?

(Then Cosmo spoke up, snapping them out of their thoughts)

Cosmo: Is something wrong, guys?

Tikal: Silver sensed for us that you're reluctant to fight your former partners.

(The Komodo Brothers then confessed)

Moe: Okay, yes we are.

Komodo Joe: It's just that they're....

Silver: I can also sense that you're not ready yet. And we understand.

Big: When the time comes and you're ready, let us know.

(Froggy croaks in agreement. The Komodo Brothers then got determined)

Komodo Joe: You're right.

Moe: We'll do our best to fight them with you.

Shadow: And we'll be ready for them, when they return with a new plot.

(Nearby, unseen by our heroes, a robot drone saw the whole thing and went down back to the Jotundrome. In the Jotundrome, Loki and Uka-Uka's groups are impressed by the henchmen's success)

Demidevimon: Not bad for once.

Vanitas: And with these laser ropes, we'll be sure that those blasted Mobians and their allies never get away from their doom.

(Then the henchmen slowly got calmly sad. Noticing that, Loki and Uka-Uka's groups figured out their sadness)

Loki: So our guess; You miss the Komodo Brothers, right?

Henchmen: Yes.

Pinstripe: Sure, they blew up the monitor screen and are clumsy, but....

Koala: Don't you think we were too hard on them?

(Loki and Uka-Uka's groups sighed in anger calmly and then realizing they're right, gave in grudgingly in a calm way)

Loki and Uka-Uka's groups: Okay, fine.

Vanitas: We'll take them back again.

Myotismon: And honestly.... We're starting to miss them too because of you idiots.

Uka-Uka: So we can't stay mad at them forever.

Demidevimon: (Winks at the henchmen) So go pick them up.

(Suddenly, the robot drone returned)

Hunter J: Did the enemy find some clues?

Robot drone: They did. But they're not the only ones.

(Later, the villains are angry and shocked on learning of the Komodo Brothers being with our heroes)

Villains: WHAT?!

Eggman: The Komodo Brothers had the nerve to betray us over getting fired and banished?!

Robot drone: Those two, however, showed reluctance to fight you.

(Hearing him say that, the villains got calmly surprised. Then Loki and Uka-Uka's groups slowly formed evil smirks, as if having a new plan, much to the henchmen's notice)

Pinstripe: We take it you have a new plan?

Loki and Uka-Uka's groups: No, better.

Hunter J: A version two of our plan.

(Realizing what they meant, the henchmen smirked evilly in agreement)

Rilla: Oh, now we get it....

Ripper: Have the Komodo Brothers betray them....

(He giggles crazily in a calm way a bit. Back at the surface, our heroes and the Komodo Brothers are walking and talking)

Ace: Man, what's taking Loki's group so long to come back up to the surface?

Adagio: Not sure.

Christopher: But whatever they have up their sleeves, it can't be good.

Chris: And you can take that to the bank.

(Suddenly, they heard an alarm in the bank going off and saw it being robbed by a familiar-looking figure)

Chris: Me and my big mouth.

Sonic: Let's go check it out.

(They hurry over and saw, to their, except the Komodo Brothers, shock, the robber is....)

Heroes: The Rat King and his rats!

Sonic: I should've known we haven't seen the last of whisker-face!

Komodo Joe: You know him?

Moe: Who is he?

Elise: He's that crazy guy in the sewers who rules over rats.

Yuffie: And tried to kill us before.

Comet Tail: All on account of us trash-talking rats in front of him.

Komodo Brothers: Then let's get him!

(They rush inside, much to our heroes' shock)

Heroes: Wait, stop!

Shadow: We don't have a plan!

(But too late, they entered and the Rat King and his rats noticed them)

Rat King: Ah, long time, no see, you defiant subjects.

(Then he sees the Komodo Brothers)

Rat King: And who might you be, out of curiosity?

Komodo Brothers: We are the Komodo Brothers!

Komodo Joe: Joe!

Moe: Moe!

(The Rat King chuckled evilly a bit)

Rat King: Well then, Joe and Moe, where are the Three Stooges?

Komodo Brothers: Enough talk!

(They pull their swords out. The Rat King pulled out a soda pop can bomb)

Rat King: You dare threaten me with mere swords? I am the Rat King! And you will respect me!

(Then he activated the soda pop can bomb and threw it at the Komodo Brothers, but they carefully whacked it aside right next to a vault entrance, much to our heroes and the Rat King and his followers' shock)

Rat King: (To his rats) Retreat!

(Then he and his rats got away and our heroes and the Komodo Brothers chased after them)

Heroes: Stop!

(Then the soda pop can bomb exploded, destroying the vault. After that's done, the Rat King and his rats glared at our glaring heroes and the glaring Komodo Brothers, and escaped, despite our heroes giving chase. Then noticing the vault destroyed, our heroes glared at the Komodo Brothers)

Moe: Okay, we didn't mean to blow it up.

Komodo Joe: We can fix that.

(Then they exit to see a burglar breaking into the Natural History Museum. Going in after him, they corner the burglar)

Burglar: Stay away!

(Then noticing the fake planets hanging above the ceiling, the Komodo Brothers got an idea and ran up to them. Our heroes see this and tried to stop them)

Cream: Joe and Moe, don't!

(But too late, the Komodo Brothers use their swords to cut down the fake planets and trap the burglar in them like a planet costume-like suit. Then our heroes got angry at the Komodo Brothers)

Komodo Brothers: What?

(Then they heard an old woman screaming. They hurry out and saw another robber about to mug the old woman our heroes befriended before, despite her aiming her pistol at him)

Old woman: Don't you dare come near me!

Robber: Watch me, old lady.

(Just when he was about to whack her with his baseball bat, the Komodo Brothers charged at him and pointed their swords at the robber, making him nervous. Then the old woman ran off and noticed our heroes)

Old woman: (To our heroes) Thank you!

(Then after she was gone, the Komodo Brothers grabbed the robber and threw him in a nearby dumpster, causing the tough impact on it to break the robber's right arm, much to our heroes' shock)

Robber: (Screams in pain a bit) I think my arm's broken....

(Then the Komodo Brothers picked up the garbage dumpster and was about to throw it on the robber when....)

Heroes: Stop!

(Then the Komodo Brothers stopped and turned to our heroes in confusion)

Komodo Brothers: (Confused) What?

(Then the weight of the dumpster became too much for the Komodo Brothers and landed right on our heroes, spilling garbage on them. Shocked on what they did, the Komodo Brothers got nervous. Then after our heroes recovered, being covered in garbage much to their disgust, Shadow on the other hand, started to tense in anger calmly, about to blow his stack, much to their notice)

Rouge: Shadow, are you okay?

Heroes: Shadow?

(Then finally, Shadow, out of his calm personality, got furious and screamed at the top of his lungs at the Komodo Brothers)

Shadow: (Temper boiling over) THAT'S IT!!

(He goes up to the Komodo Brothers' faces and screamed at them with fury, his temper boiling even more)

Shadow: (Furiously) First you let the Rat King get away, then you destroyed some fake planets over a burglar, then you injured a robber which you're not supposed to, and now you spilled garbage on us! Maybe your lives would've been better if you didn't stay with us and lived somewhere else! Now go away!

(Feelings hurt, the Komodo Brothers got saddened, about to cry)

Komodo Brothers: (Sadly) Okay. Goodbye.

(Then they ran off in silent tears. After they were gone, Shadow's anger melted away and calming down, felt terrible along with our heroes with forgiving looks for Shadow)

Shadow: I can't believe I lost my temper.

Rouge: You do somewhat have a point.

Cream: Maybe the Komodo Brothers would be better off living somewhere else.

Cheese: (In calm sadness) Chao, chao.

Tiny: Tiny agree.

Dingodile: I guess we shouldn't have taken them in.

Vector: Then none of this would've happened.

Heroes: Yeah....

(Back in Central Park, the Komodo Brothers continued running when they bumped into the Glen Span Arch and fell backwards. After getting up, the Komodo Brothers recognized the arch and teared up)

Komodo Joe: (Sniffles, then tearfully) It's the arch where Cream's group found us.

Moe: (Tearfully) Before Shadow kicked us out.

(Then they get up and went walking around in solemn sadness. Upon seeing in the distance a restaurant waitress being praised by the manager, the Komodo Brothers teared up and cried a bit)

Moe: (Crying) I miss Loki's group and our fellows.

Komodo Joe: (Crying) I especially miss Uka-Uka's group.

(Then a brief tremor hits and they turned and saw a Module emerge in the park. Then Loki's group alone emerged with calm flat angry looks)

Loki's group: (Flatly nonchalant) Oh, hey Komodo Brothers.

(Tearing up, the Komodo Brothers grovelled at their feet)

Komodo Brothers: (Blubbering) Bosses!

Komodo Joe: (Blubbering) We were just talking about you!

Moe: (Blubbering) Take us back please!

(A short pause as, unknown to the crying Komodo Brothers, Loki's group got calmly surprised secretly. Then they put back on their calm flat angry looks)

Loki's group: (Flatly nonchalant) Excuse us for a second.

(They go off behind a bush and smirked evilly in victory, for it turned out they are secretly happy to have the Komodo Brothers back with them)

Loki's group: (Whispering) Yes!

Vanitas: (Whispering) We're gonna take them back finally!

(Then they came out to the Komodo Brothers, giving calm flat angry looks again)

Loki's group: Come with us.

(A short pause, then....)

Komodo Joe: (Sniffles, then sadly) We can tell you're actually happy to have us back, know what we mean?

Moe: (Sadly) Know what we mean?

(He sniffles too. Then Loki's group, seeing the jig is up, then glared impatiently)

Loki's group: Fine! Yes.

Eggman: We're happy to have you again.

Myotismon: But don't push your luck some more.

Hunter J: So, are you coming with us or not?

(The Komodo Brothers nodded and they go into the Module and headed for the Jotundrome, not saying a word silently)

Commercial break

(In the Jotundrome, Uka-Uka's group is watching the henchmen playing poker, all of them waiting for Loki's group to return with the Komodo Brothers. Then Koala took his turn and asked Pinstripe for his cards)

Koala: What are your cards?

(Then Pinstripe revealed his cards)

Pinstripe: I got a six, a jack, a four, and an eight!

(The henchmen got shocked and then angry at Pinstripe)

Ripper: Aw, Pinstripe always wins!

(Then Pinstripe smugly dragged some poker chips to him)

Pinstripe: (Smugly) Because I'm a pro at poker.

(Uka-Uka's group chuckled evilly a bit)

Demidevimon: I bet you've been taught how to play that game perfectly.

Pinstripe: (Smugly) My old man taught me.

(Koala then angrily threw his cards on the table in anger and got up)


(The henchmen got up, putting their cards down as well)

Rilla: Take it easy, Koala.

Koala: (Pointing at Pinstripe angrily) But many times, different cards, he still wins!

Pinstripe: Best not to mess with the poker champ.

Koala: Why, you...!

(He roughly grabs Pinstripe's shirt collar and tie and was about to punch him much to the villains' shock when the Module returned. Upon seeing it enter, Koala dropped Pinstripe on the floor)

Koala: I bet they found them.

(Pinstripe recovered and got up, seeing this as well)

Pinstripe: (Straightening his hair, tie, and shirt) Without a doubt.

(Then Loki's group and the Komodo Brothers came out. Then Ripper, Cubot, and Mummymon rushed up to the saddened Komodo Brothers and hugged them happily while the rest of the henchmen greeted them)

Tribot: Good to see you again.

Komodo Brothers: (Sadly) Same here.

(Then they noticed the Komodo Brothers feeling sad)

Cortex: What's with the sad looks?

(Then the Komodo Brothers began their explanation quickly)

Komodo Joe: (Quickly) It all started after you kicked us out, when we arrived at Central Park.

Moe: (Quickly) Then it started raining so we took shelter underneath the Glen Span Arch and then the Mobians and their allies took us in.

Komodo Joe: (Quickly) We tried to fit in, but....

(Then the villains cut them off)

Villains: Whoa, time out!

Vanitas: Start over, calmly and a little slowly.

Komodo Brothers: Okay.

(Then they were about to go into the Module when Vanitas cleared his throat, making them stop)

Vanitas: I meant after coming out of the Module.

(Realizing, the Komodo Brothers got it)

Komodo Brothers: Oh, that's right.

(Then they walked back to them. Later, they were seated on a couch tearfully explaning what happened while holding their handkerchiefs with Ripper and Rilla comfortingly patting them on the back slowly and the henchmen standing around the area, listening along with Loki and Uka-Uka's groups, who are seated in their chairs)

Komodo Joe: (Crying) And then the Mobians, mostly Shadow, became mean to us and told us to go away.

Moe: (Crying) Then we returned to Central Park, and met up with Loki’s group.

Komodo Brothers: (Crying) And then we came back here with them.

(They sobbed a bit and then blew their noses on their handkerchiefs. The villains scoffed lightly)

Eggman: Wow. Talk about a brief betrayal towards us.

Sephiroth: What we can't believe is those blasted Mobians and their allies taking you in for a short time.

(The Komodo Brothers wiped their tears away with their handkerchiefs while sniffling a bit)

Ripper: Yeppity-yep.

Rilla: It's not like we can do anything when it comes to a betrayed friendship.

Ripper: Double yeppity-yep.

(Then Loki and Uka-Uka's groups perked up and smirked evilly at that idea)

Cortex: (Snaps his fingers) Rilla and Ripper, you gave us a great motivation and solution for our version two of our plan.

(After their crying ended, the Komodo Brothers puts their handkerchiefs away in their pockets)

Komodo Brothers: (Confused) What version two plan?

Myotismon: Why, to replace your original plan, with deceit.

(Loki and Uka-Uka's groups chuckled evilly a bit. The next morning at the surface on the streets of New York, our heroes, all cleaned from the garbage from last night, were riding their Mobian Van on patrol when Sonic's Mobiancom beeped. Then he answered, revealing to be Elise, Christopher, and Tai's groups, Kara, out of her lab coat, and Roxanne, also cleaned up, calling them)

Sonic: Any sign of those creeps?

Elise's group: (On-screen) We just found them.

Christopher's group: (On-screen) They're at the subway station near Rockefeller Center.

Tai's group: (On-screen) And the Komodo Brothers informed us that they're stopping them.

Kara: (On-screen) They need our help.

Roxanne: (On-screen) Come on.

Heroes: The Komodo Brothers?

Shadow: They told you they're there?

Elise, Christopher, and Tai's groups: (On-screen) Yes.

Tai: (On-screen) And you better hurry!

Roxanne: (On-screen) Before it's too late.

Kara: (On-screen) Come on.

Sonic: We're on our way.

(They hang up. In the subway terminal, Elise, Christopher, and Tai's groups also hung up and glared at Loki's group and their henchmen, including the Komodo Brothers. It turned out they were forced by the villains to lie to our heroes into coming into their trap without telling them it's a trap)

Sora: There! We told them to come.

Aria: Now release us.

Flash Sentry: Or you'll be sorry.

Kara: And you will go to jail for this.

Roxanne: Especially the Komodo Brothers.

(But the villains smirked evilly at them)

Sephiroth: Actually....

Eggman: Since you did good luring our fishes, we'll wriggle their lives out along with yours like worms on hooks!

(Elise, Christopher, and Tai's groups, Kara, and Roxanne got shocked and then angry)

Elise, Christopher, and Tai's groups, Kara, and Roxanne: You liars!

Loki's group: (To Elise, Christopher, and Tai's groups, Kara, and Roxanne with shrugs) We try. (To the henchmen) Tie them up.

(Then, just when Elise, Christopher, and Tai's groups, Kara, and Roxanne made a run for it, the henchmen and Komodo Brothers proceeded to grab them and roughly tie their hands behind their backs and arms tied down to their torsos and their ankles together with laser ropes while Loki's group watched with satisfied evil smirks. Just outside the subway station, our heroes got out of the Mobian Van and getting a suspicious feeling, they stopped Tiny and Dingodile from following)

Sonic: Wait! Tiny and Dingodile, wait for our signal in two minutes.

Amy: And if not in two minutes, come after us.

Tiny and Dingodile: Okay.

(Then our heroes, except Tiny and Dingodile, rush down to the subway station. Then upon arrival, they see Elise, Christopher, and Tai's groups, Kara, and Roxanne, still tied up, tied down on the subway terminal and now gagged)

Heroes: Elise, Christopher, and Tai's groups, Kara, and Roxanne!

(They arrive to them and were about to free them when more laser ropes tied them down as well, also tying their hands behind their backs, their arms tied down on their torsos, and ankles tied together. They look and saw all of the henchmen have done it)

Komodo Brothers: Got them!

(Then they removed Elise, Christopher, and Tai's groups, Kara, and Roxanne's gags and they shouted)

Elise, Christopher, and Tai's groups, Kara, and Roxanne: (Angrily) Let us go now!

Heroes: (Angrily) Or you'll suffer the consequences!

Loki: Sorry, but you'll be catching the train anytime soon.

(Our heroes notice the Komodo Brothers smirking evilly at them and glared at them, feeling betrayed)

Cream: (Angrily) And is this the thanks we get for taking you in?! We should've known better than to trust you!

Cheese: (Angrily agreeing) Chao, chao!

Komodo Joe: Well, we liked being the bad guys better.

Moe: So, tough luck. For one final time.

(Then they heard the subway train approaching from afar. Then just when our heroes were gonna call for help after failing to free themselves due to the laser ropes being tied tight on them, the villains gagged them)

Eggman: And it's like Uka-Uka's group said, they need something to let you suffer through torture.

(He laughs evilly a bit and then the villains ran back onto the station grounds and then in homage of a silent 1920s cartoon short, the music was only heard in the backround as our heroes struggled in vain to free themselves as the subway train is coming a little closer and the villains are watching with evil smirks of excitement. Then sound was heard again when Tiny and Dingodile finally arrive, concerned for their friends. Then they see our heroes in danger and seeing the subway train lights starting to come in slowly, they realized)

Tiny: Hang on!

Dingodile: We're coming, mates!

(Then they zipped by the villains, pushing them aside, much to their calm shock)

Villains: What the...?!

(Then in the subway train control room, the conductor is driving when he saw our heroes on the tracks and Tiny and Dingodile rushing up to the front of the subway train)

Conductor: What the...?!

(He tried to stop the subway train in a panic. But luckily, and thankfully, Tiny and Dingodile grabbed the front of the subway train and skidded the slowing subway train down with their feet as the brakes on the tracks. Then the subway train finally skidded to a stop right next to our heroes. Then the conductor sighed in relief, glad to have not accidentally ran over our heroes. Then Tiny and Dingodile jumped off the subway train and untied and ungagged our heroes by cutting the laser ropes, freeing them)

Heroes: Thanks, Tiny and Dingodile.

Cream: You're the best.

Tiny and Dingodile: (Calmly bashful) Aw, nothing to it.

(Then they climbed up to the station grounds and went up to the villains, who are calmly shocked, in anger)

Sonic: As for you creeps....

(Then our heroes and the villains proceeded to fight each other. Then pulling a flash grenade out, Loki prepared to throw it)

Loki's group: Until next time, Mobians and allies!

Henchmen: Yeah!

(Then Loki threw the flash grenade on the ground, stopping our heroes in their tracks and the villains got away into their Module and returned to the Jotundrome. Later in the sewer lair, our heroes are celebrating their rescue by Tiny and Dingodile with pizza topped with M&M's and tiramisu topped with Skittles while Cloud and Aerith sat nearby, enjoying their sushi)

Billy: Let's hear it for Tiny and Dingodile for rescuing us.

Heroes: (Cheering) Yeah!

Sonic: And this is much better than having those no-good Komodo Brothers with us.

Yuffie: So who needs their bugles?

Cream: Who needs their clumsiness?

Heroes: And who needs them to backstab us again?

(They make a toast with their soda pops)

Arturo: And tres cheers for us, the good guys. Hip-hip...!

Cloud and Aerith: Hooray!

Arturo: Hip-hip...!

Elise, Christopher, and Tai's groups, Kara, and Roxanne: Hooray!

Arturo: Hip-hip...!

Heroes: Hooray!

(Then they make their next toast and proceeded to enjoy their meal)

To be continued....

Ending song: Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians (1987) Theme Song Instrumental Version

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