Opening song: Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians (1987) Theme Song

A Thing About Rats

(The next morning in the sewer lair, our heroes watched Cloud and Aerith sleeping together peacefully in their bed. Charmy then comes in)

Charmy: (Whispering) How’re they doing?

Elise: (Whispering) They’ll be fine.

Braeburn: (Whispering) They just need sleep.

Chris: (Whispering) They’ve been through Heck and back yesterday.

Matt: (Whispering) Especially when they’ve seen their daughter on the enemy side.

(After going into another room, leaving Cloud and Aerith alone, the TMNM talked some more, this time not whispering)

Shadow: Loki’s group must pay for this.

Sonic: You said it, Shadow.

Knuckles: Why, I’d like to douse them with that Mutagen and turn them into mutant hamsters.

Tails: They’ll pay, alright, by turning Cloud and Aerith back into human beings and give Yuffie back to them.

(They nod in agreement. Then Sonic and Amy turned to Elise, Christopher, and Tai’s groups)

Sonic: Stay with Cloud and Aerith until they wake up, guys.

Amy: And then you can go home.

(Elise, Christopher, and Tai’s groups nods in agreement)

Elise, Christopher, and Tai’s groups: (Nods) Got it.

(Then the TMNM got determined)

Knuckles: Come on. Let’s find that Jotundrome.

(They run off to find the Jotundrome. Meanwhile in the underground, the Jotundrome continued its trek until it stopped. Then, the podbay doors opened and sent a drill capsule up towards the surface to an abandoned mansion. After arriving in the mansion, the capsule opened and Loki’s group emerged, with Eggman carrying a box and then placing it down on a table)

Loki: Now to find a new source of technical equipment.

Loki’s group: Right.

(Then Cortex opened the box to reveal an old-fashioned recording box. Then he pushed a button, and the bottom opened its flap, unleashing tiny helicopter-like drones out of the mansion to find what they need. At a company building called Ajax Pest Control, there’s a 29 year old man placing a rat into a maze as the owner watched. The 29 year old man has short chin-length orange hair, a short Pinocchio-like nose, brown eyes, a buck tooth, and wearing a purple scarecrow-like hat with a dark purple rim with a red feather sticking out, a white tunic with two black buttons on the white neck rim, a black button on the torso, a dark gray belt with a gray buckle, light purple gloves, purple leggings, and dark lavender 17th century shoes. He is Jack Lambert, an inventor who sometimes has a sense of humor. After placing the rat into the maze, Jack started to introduce an invention he made to the owner)

Jack: The rat will follow its nose to the cheese at the end of the maze, right?

Owner: (Unsure) Yes.

Jack: Now, watch how my Mouser follows its nose to the rat.

(He pulls out a remote controller and pushed a button. Then a mechanical robot that resembles a small armless velociraptor called a Mouser marched through the maze, searching for the rat. After the rat took a chunk of the cheese at the maze’s end, it started to scurry off when it heard the Mouser's mechanical stomps. The Mouser then sensed the rat’s presence and after chomping a wall, it went through, much to the owner’s concern. Then after chomping more walls in the maze, the Mouser found the rat and just when it ran, the Mouser clamped its mouth on the rat, trapping it inside, shocking the owner, but Jack reassured him)

Jack: No worries.

(He pushed another button, and this time, the Mouser released the rat into a cage. Once in the cage, the rat squeaked in relief and nibbled on his piece of cheese)

Jack: You see? There’s no place for pests to hide from my Mousers. All I need is a big company to mass produce them for me.

(Secretly above the ceiling, the drones recorded Jack’s offer. In the electronic room, Loki’s group listened in on Jack’s offer)

Jack: (On-screen) In large quantities, they could solve the city’s rat problem.

(Loki’s group smirked evilly, glad to hear it)

Sephiroth: Including our problem with a rat named Cloud Strife.

(He chuckles evilly while Vanitas got confused)

Vanitas: What about Aerith Gainsborough?

Sephiroth: I’m just taking her to be my wife instead of his.

(Realizing, Vanitas smirked evilly again)

Vanitas: Oh, I get it. After you take her as your wife, you’ll change her back into Rinoa Heartilly.

Sephiroth: Exactly.

(Then they head out to meet Jack. Back at the Ajax Pest Control company, Jack concluded his offer)

Jack: (Eagerly) So, do you think Ajax Pest Control would be interested in my invention?

(The owner thought it over)

Owner: Well, to put it in a single word....

(Then outside....)

Owner: Get outta here!

(The door slammed open and the owner threw Jack and his Mouser out)

Jack: (Angrily) Hey! You can’t do this to me!

Owner: Get rid of all rats, huh? What are ya, crazy? You want to drive me out of business?

Jack: No, but...!

Owner: Get outta here!

(Then the owner slammed the door. Angrily mumbling, Jack picked up his Mouser)

Jack: (Mumbling angrily) Of all the...!

(Then, Loki’s group emerged from an alleyway, getting his attention)

Myotismon: The short-sighted fool doesn’t know what he’s missing in action.

Jack: (Suspiciously) W-Who are you guys?

Loki: Just a bunch of people who want to produce your Mousers on a vast scale.

Vanitas: What do you think of that?

(Jack got interested and then shrugged)

Jack: Well, it’s about time somebody discovered me.

(They walked off, heading to the mansion, although Jack doesn’t know it yet. Back in the sewers, the TMNM are still searching for the Jotundrome)

Charmy: Man, we are lostola.

Vector: This stinks.

Knuckles: We haven’t seen a trace of the Jotundrome all day.

Tails: We’ve got to keep searching, Knuckles.

Silver: We still have the upper hand.

Knuckles: You call this the upper hand?

Silver: All I’m saying is that we’ve got Loki’s group on the run.

Blaze: Silver’s got a point, Knuckles.

Sonic: And those creeps are the key to returning Masters Cloud and Aerith into their human forms and returning Yuffie back to them.

Knuckles: (Shrugs) Alright. Whatever.

(They resumed their search. Back at the mansion at the surface, Jack looked around the mansion’s interior is disgust)

Jack: What a dump! I thought you guys said you had a big business?

Loki’s group: We do, Jack.

Hunter J: In fact, it’s enormous.

Vanitas: This “Dump” is actually one of them.

(Then the capsule comes up, and the henchmen and Yuffie emerged, carrying a bunch of boxes containing mechanical equipment)

Sephiroth: With this, you can start work on a master control for the Mousers.

Jack: (Confused) Master control? (Gestures to his remote controller) What’s wrong with this?

Vanitas: Let’s just say it’s no good.

Cortex: (Picking up the Mouser) By dawn, we will have constructed hundreds of these robots.

Eggman: It will take massive amounts of computer power to run them all.

Henchmen: That’s right.

Tribot: So get to work.

Orbot: Have fun.

Cubot: And no slacking off.

(After they placed the boxes of mechanical equipment next to Jack, the henchmen and Yuffie returned inside the capsule along with Loki’s group)

Loki: In a few hours, Jack Lambert, your Mousers will rule the city.

Myotismon: Not a single rodent will survive them.

(Then the capsule door closed and then the capsule disappeared underground. Jack looked at the mechanical equipment in interest)

Jack: (Scratching his head) Hmm. Those guys must really have a thing about rats.

(He shrugged and started getting to work. Back in the Jotundrome after exiting the capsule, Sephiroth noticed Yuffie looking a little concerned while whistling a tune)

Sephiroth: I told you to stop whistling that tune, Yuffie.

(Yuffie stopped)

Yuffie: Sorry, but I somehow heard this tune before.

Vanitas: Well, tough. It’s getting annoying hearing you whistling that.

Sephiroth: No more whistling that song. Understand?

(Reluctant, Yuffie gave in)

Yuffie: Yes, Master Sephiroth.

(Back in the sewers, the TMNM arrived at a ladder leading to a manhole)

Silver: Let’s check up there.

Big: Silver, the Jotundrome isn’t up.

Charmy: It’s down.

Sonic: Silver might be right.

Shadow: At this point, anything is worth a try.

(Knuckles starts climbing the ladder)

Knuckles: I hope this leads someplace interesting.

(He opened the manhole, revealing it to be a subway tunnel, and the hole in the middle of its tracks)

Knuckles: Nope. I thought not.

(Charmy flies up and peeked as well. Suddenly, they heard something rumbling)

Charmy: Uh, Knuckles?

Knuckles: What?

(Suddenly, they see that the rumbling is coming from an oncoming subway train)

Charmy: Duck!

(He shoves Knuckles down the ladder on time and the manhole closed immediately before the subway train passed by. After landing on the TMNM safely, Charmy and Knuckles recovered)

Knuckles: This is not my idea of a good time.

(After recovering, they continued on. Back in the Jotundrome, the scanner finished scanning a Mouser, courtesy of Loki’s group and their henchmen)

Computer: (Voice-over) Analysis of Mouser complete. Ready to commence replication process.

(Loki’s group turned to their henchmen)

Loki: Guys, activate the machinery.

Henchmen: Yes, sir!

(Suddenly, Uka-Uka’s voice spoke through the intercom)

Uka-Uka: (Voice-over) Loki, guys, my group and I want to talk to you.

(Loki’s group got calmly agitated, but went to go meet them anyway. Once there, they went up to them in annoyance)

Hunter J: What is it this time?

Tropy: Why are you wasting time building mousetraps when you have yet to provide us with our upgrades?

Uka-Uka: You should know better!

Loki: Our problem is more urgent.

Sephiroth: Squall Leonhart, Rinoa Heartilly, and their accursed Mobians will ruin us if they’re not....

Uka-Uka’s group: SILENCE!!

Oxide: There would be no problem if we had our upgrades!

Myotismon: This is our fight!

Sephiroth: We must have the honor of destroying them, except Rinoa.

Vanitas: So, tough!

(They storm out, much to Uka-Uka’s group’s anger)

Uka-Uka: Neo, guys, come back here!

(But too late, Loki's group have left, much to their anger)

Uka-Uka: Three times those Mobians defeated you guys and Neo! Three times!

Demidevimon: We hope you fail again, and again.

N. Brio: And keep failing until at last you’ll have no choice but to give us our upgrades!

(Back in the other room, some Mousers were just finished being built. Pinstripe and Orbot picked each one up and handed it to Vanitas and Eggman)

Vanitas: Excellent.

Eggman: An exact reproduction.

Cortex: Perfect down to the last detail.

(Then Loki’s group walked up to Yuffie, Tiny, Dingodile, and Koala, who have placed twelve completed Mousers)

Koala: We got twelve done already.

Myotismon: We should wait until the first batch is done, but....

Sephiroth: No! I can’t wait for us to try them out.

Myotismon: You know what, Sephiroth, you’re right.

Vanitas: (Agreeing) They will succeed where (Eyes the henchmen) you mutants failed us.

(The henchmen groaned in disappointment while Loki’s group began to activate the twelve Mousers by scanning Cloud and Aerith’s images into them)

Loki: Seek out Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly. Bring Rinoa to us, alive and unharmed, but destroy Squall!

(Then the twelve Mousers activated and proceeded to quickly run out of the Jotundrome to go after their two targets. Loki’s group turned to Yuffie)

Sephiroth: Yuffie?

(She stood like a soldier in line nervously)

Sephiroth: How many times do I have to tell you? At ease.

(Yuffie eased down)

Sephiroth: Anyway, my group and I need you to go with these twelve Mousers.

Yuffie: Me? Why?

Sephiroth: Because you need to avenge your parents. Think about them.

(Deciding to do what he says, Yuffie gave in)

Yuffie: Very well.

(She was about to go when....)

Vanitas: But take two mutant volunteers with.

(Yuffie got confused)

Yuffie: Really?

Vanitas: (Flatly) Really. (Seriously) Now pick which mutants to bring, okay?

(The mutants clamored to be picked only for Myotismon to quiet them)

Myotismon: Silence, idiots!

Hunter J: In line, stand straight, and be quiet!

(They do what they say, standing in line like soldiers)

Sephiroth: Now, which two mutants will you bring with?

(Yuffie looked at the mutants carefully. Then seeing Tiny and Dingodile after looking at the other mutants, she made her choice)

Yuffie: I’ll take the orange muscular guy and pig-face.

(Shocked at Yuffie’s insults, Tiny and Dingodile got surprised)

Tiny and Dingodile: Us?!

(Then they got angry)

Tiny: My name Tiny Tiger!

Dingodile: And I’m Dingodile; Half crocodile, half dingo, not a pig, sheila!

Sephiroth: (To Tiny and Dingodile) Relax. (To Yuffie) Do not fail us.

Yuffie: Got it.

(Just when she, Tiny, and Dingodile left, Vanitas hands a purple communicator to Dingodile)

Vanitas: And if any of you three slack off, contact us.

(Dingodile takes the communicator and they finally leave with the Mousers. Back in the sewers, the TMNM still continued their search by walking across a huge pipe)

Charmy: I don’t get it. We’ve toured this whole burg, and no Jotundrome.

(Suddenly, the pipe they were walking on cracked, making Knuckles fall down and then grabbing some pipes to hang on)

TMNM: Knuckles!

Tikal: Hang in there!

Knuckles: Somebody toss me a rope or fly down to me!

(Suddenly, the pipe in his left hand breaks, squirting water on him)

Knuckles: (Flatly) They aren’t paying me enough to take this kind of abuse.

(Then Silver flew down, grabbed Knuckles and they landed back on the ground with the TMNM meeting up)

Silver: That was close.

(They were about to continue on when they noticed Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile running with the twelve Mousers, and the latter group doesn’t notice them as they ran by. Suspicious, the TMNM nods at each other and secretly followed them. Back in the sewer lair, Cloud and Aerith woke up and they see Elise, Christopher, and Tai’s groups finishing reading when they noticed)

Mimi: Morning, Sleeping Beauties.

Twilight Sparkle: How are you both feeling now?

(Cloud and Aerith stretched a bit as they got up)

Cloud: A little better.

Aerith: Loki’s group gave us quite a going-over.

(Then Elise, Christopher, and Tai’s groups changed the subject)

Allison: Listen, we gotta go now.

Elise: Allison’s right. We promised the Mobians to watch you until you woke up.

Aerith: (Understanding with a nod) So, you can go home afterwards. Got it.

Cloud: Thank you for watching us in our sleep.

Elise, Christopher, and Tai’s groups: Don't mention it.

Ace: What’re friends for?

(Then they grabbed their belongings)

Cloud: I hope we haven’t interfered too much with your life, guys.

Elise, Christopher, and Tai’s groups: No problem.

Snake: And like Accccce ssssaid, what’re friendsssss for?

(They smiled softly)

Rainbow Dash: Anyway, tell the Mobians we’ll come back soon.

Elise, Christopher, and Tai’s groups: Bye!

Cloud and Aerith: Bye.

(Then with that, Elise, Christopher, and Tai’s groups left. Once alone, Cloud and Aerith sat down on a meditation mat and started to meditate. Suddenly, they heard part of the wall cracking and snapped out of their meditation in suspicion. They looked, and saw a hole crack open in the wall, revealing the twelve Mousers and even Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile, with Dingodile aiming his flamethrower at them)

Dingodile: (Chortling a bit) Found ya.

Tiny: Prepare to be crushed!

(They look at Yuffie, who then hesitated, but then got determined)

Yuffie: You’ll pay for what happened to my parents!

(Getting determined, despite their concern for Yuffie, Cloud and Aerith grabbed their Buster Sword and Guard Stick, ready to fight)

Commercial break

(The first Mouser lunged at Cloud, but Aerith whacked it aside)

Cloud: (To himself) So, Loki’s group, you’re reduced to sending machines and mutants after me and Aerith!

(They proceed to try and fend off the Mousers in their weapons, but Tiny whacked them aside. Just when Cloud and Aerith ran to go get them, the Mousers blocked the way. Suddenly, Tiny grabbed Aerith)

Aerith: Unhand me!

(She elbows him in the stomach, making him let go. Then she kicked him down when Dingodile grabbed her braid and yanked her to him. Seeing Aerith in danger, Cloud got angry)

Cloud: Release my wife!

Dingodile: (Sneeringly) You mean Sephiroth’s wife?

(While holding Aerith back behind his arm close to him, Dingodile aims his flamethrower at Cloud)

Dingodile: I’m gonna turn you into ratatouille if you take one more step!

(Aerith bites Dingodile’s arm, making him let go)

Dingodile: Ow!

(Cloud and Aerith then kicks Dingodile down)

Cloud: Now who’s gonna be ratatouille?

(Impressed and scared at the same time, Yuffie tried to back away when Cloud and Aerith looked at her in concern)

Cloud and Aerith: Yuffie....

(Yuffie got confused, then suspicious)

Yuffie: Why do you know my name? Who are you?!

(Suddenly, Tiny and Dingodile snatched Cloud and Aerith and Tiny prepared to feed Cloud to the Mousers)

Yuffie: Wait!

Tiny: No wait! This our moment!

(Suddenly, the TMNM barged in, having caught up with them and smashed some Mousers, much to Tiny and Dingodile’s shock and Yuffie’s surprise)

Sonic: Hang on, Masters Cloud and Aerith!

(Sonic spindashed Tiny and Dingodile down, making them release Cloud and Aerith. As Cream and Cheese helped Cloud and Aerith to safety, the TMNM prepared to smash more Mousers. Three Mousers then chomped onto Tails’ bo stick)

Tails: Get off of my bo stick!

(Then he smashed them. Charmy smashed two more with his nunchuks)

Charmy: Rock and roll!

(Then the last Mouser went up to Cloud and Aerith when Cream and Cheese blocked the way and Cheese let Cream throw him like a dodgeball at it, smashing it)

Cream: Score!

(With that done, Cloud, Aerith, and the TMNM turned to Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile, with the two latters recovering)

Vector: All right. Who’s gonna clean up this mess?

(Looking at Tiny and Dingodile, Yuffie hesitated. Then she got determined and went over to our heroes’ side to their surprise)

Yuffie: I’ll do that. After we solve this mystery.

(Our heroes got impressed by Yuffie's confidence)

TMNM: (Impressed) Well!

(Tiny and Dingodile got angry)

Tiny: Why you betray us, Yuffie?!

Dingodile: Who’s side are you on?!

(Suddenly, Silver magically conjured two lines of aqua green psychokinetic chains, and wrapped them around Tiny and Dingodile’s waists)

Shadow: Our side, that’s what.

(Tiny and Dingodile tried to break their chains, but they wouldn’t break)

Silver: Try as you might, but they won’t break.

(Omega then snatched Tiny’s trident and Dingodile’s flamethrower and communicator)

Dingodile: Hey! Give them back now!

Tiny: Tiny need trident!

(Omega then threw the flamethrower and the communicator into another part of the sewers, blowing the flamethrower up and breaking the communicator and then equipped the trident in his storage chest area. Angered at his flamethrower being destroyed and his trident being confiscated, Dingodile and Tiny tried to charge at Omega to beat him up, but the chains held them back)

Dingodile: How could you?!

Tiny: Return Tiny’s trident!

Omega: Negative. You’re both on a restraining order.

Sonic: Until you learn to behave yourselves and cooperate with us, you are not getting a new flamethrower and you’re not getting your trident back. Capisce?

(Growling in anger, Tiny and Dingodile struggled some more. Charmy then picked up a piece of a dead Mouser’s head)

Charmy: All right, talk. Where’d these metal maniacs come from?

Knuckles: Where do you think, Charmy?

Yuffie: Loki’s group.

Dingodile: Ix-nay on the oki-lay, sheila!

(Yuffie savagely grabbed his muzzle and shuts it)

Yuffie: Yeah, well, ix-nay on the ecret-say, Dingodile.

(Tails then picked up another dead Mouser’s foot and found engraved words on it)

Tails: Trademark; “Jack Lambert Inventions.”

Cosmo: Jack Lambert?

Yuffie: He’s this kooky inventor who designed those things.

(She released Dingodile’s muzzle)

Dingodile: Wait until Tiny and I break free and rat on you to Loki’s group, you traitorous sheila!

Vector: But what kind of idiot inventor puts his name on a death machine like these robots?

Silver: Even mine and Omega’s scanners don’t know.

Knuckles: Probably an idiot inventor with an ego problem?

Omega: I don’t know who this Jack Lambert is, but I can practically smell Loki’s group behind all of this.

Knuckles: (Sarcastically) Oh, great! The guys we haven’t seen a sign of all day!

Tiny: Is red boy like you always sarcastic?

Knuckles: Zip it, big nose!

(Offended, Tiny growled a bit)

Sonic: We must find this Jack Lambert first, and through him....

Yuffie: (Realizing) Find Loki’s group.

Espio: I hope he’s easier to scope out than the Jotundrome is.

Charmy: Like Espio said.

Tails: Yeah. All we’ve got on him is a name.

Cloud: I feel we need Christopher’s group to help us out.

Aerith: And then get Elise’s group’s skills as reporters for this.

Cloud: I suggest we pick up Christopher’s group first and then pay Elise’s group a visit at their apartment.

Shadow: My sentiments exactly.

Sonic: You and Master Aerith better come with us, Master Cloud.

Charmy: Yeah. We don’t want any of those big mouths putting the bite on you again.

Yuffie: (Narrowing at a glaring Tiny and Dingodile) Especially these two big mouths.

Tiny: Was that insult?!

Dingodile: Say that again! I dare you!

Yuffie: (Smugly) Gladly.... Big mouths.

(Tiny and Dingodile tried to charge again while snarling, but again, the psychokinetic chains restrained them again)

Dingodile: These stupid chains!

Sonic: And like I said before, you’re coming to help us, whether you like it or not.

Omega: And if you cooperate, we’ll spare and let you go free.

(Thinking it over, Tiny and Dingodile grudgingly gave in)

Tiny and Dingodile: Fine, deal!

(They shake hands with Sonic and Omega. Back in the Jotundrome underground, Loki’s group and their henchmen noticed the computer beeping and saw the words “Nonfunctional” on the screen)

Loki’s group: “Nonfunctional?”

Cubot: All twelve Mousers are out of commission?

Tribot: Oh dear.

Orbot: And my guess; Tiny, Dingodile, and Yuffie must’ve been defeated.

(Loki’s group got angry)

Vanitas: Those Mobians!

(Myotismon calmed him)

Myotismon: No matter. They may be able to handle twelve Mousers and those three.

Sephiroth: But they’ll never be able to beat 12,00!

Vanitas: (Realizing) I get it....

(Back at the surface at Christopher’s group’s house, they were hanging around, doing their normal activities when heard a knock on the door)

Christopher: Who is it?

Sonic: (Voice-over) It’s us!

(Glad to hear Sonic’s voice, Christopher’s group answered the door)

Christopher: I’m surprised you, Cloud, and Aerith came to visit us.

(The TMNM shook their heads)

Amy: Not necessarily.

Christopher’s group: (Confused) Huh?

Ace: Then why did you come here?

(Cloud points at Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile, surprising Christopher’s group. Later, they headed for Elise’s apartment through the sewers, with the TMNM having explained their mission to Christopher’s group and why Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile are with them)

Chris: So, basically, we’re looking for this Jack Lambert guy first?

Snake: And having forcccccced Tiny and Dingodile to helpssss usssss?

Yuffie: And they already know I was secretly helping you before.

Tiny: Which was backstabbing us.

(After they emerged up on the corner street’s crosswalk, leading to Elise’s group’s apartment, as they waited at a light, Tiny and Dingodile silently thought over something secretly and then spoke up in seemingly honest voices)

Tiny: Hey, guys?

(Our heroes turned to them)

Tiny: Tiny feeling uncomfortable with these chains.

Dingodile: If you take them off, we promise not to run away or try to kill you.

(Suspicious, our heroes looked at each other, then Silver walked up to them, as if he knew their escape scheme)

Silver: Are you sure?

Tiny: Clear as sky.

Dingodile: Yep.

(A short pause, then Silver scoffed)

Silver: Nope. Nice try, but no cigar.

(Tiny and Dingodile got surprised)

Silver: I’m not stupid. And neither are my friends.

Blaze: Silver has a point.

Tiny: What make you say that?

Silver: Because I can read minds!

(Tiny and Dingodile got surprised even more)

Silver: Seriously. I read your minds. That’s why I said “No” on your “Unchain us” scheme.

(Then the light turned green and they crossed. As they crossed, Tiny and Dingodile glared flatly, seeing that they are never gonna be free until they finished helping their enemies. At Elise’s group’s apartment, they hung around)

Allison: It’s both incredible and weird we’ve been hanging out in the sewers a lot.

Rarity: Running around with mutant animals, chasing villains under the city. Heh. We’d almost forgotten what real life was like.

(They heard the doorbell ring)

Elise: Who in the world could that be now?

(Elise answered the door and to her and her group’s calm surprise, our heroes, Yuffie, and their two captives are there)

Vector: (Jokingly) Could we interest you in a subscription to “Mobian’s Home Companion?”

(Our heroes chuckled a bit)

Ace: Good one, Vector.

(Elise’s group even chuckled a bit)

Adagio: Yeah, that was pretty funny.

Elise: Come on in.

(They enter and Elise closed the door. Suddenly, Elise’s group noticed Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile)

Elise’s group: What the...?!

Aerith: Before you say that, Yuffie’s on our side now.

Cloud: And Tiny and Dingodile are forced into cooperating with us.

Elise: Cooperating? What’s going on?

Applejack: How’d you get here?

Fluttershy: Did anyone see you come in?

Knuckles: Any special order you want those questions answered in?

Elise’s group: (Nods) Yes.

Tails: Looking for a guy named Jack Lambert, through the sewers, and no, because Christopher’s group snuck us in.

Silver: Does that clear things up?

Aria: (Shrugs) I can’t remember what we asked.

(Then Charmy pulled out the dead Mouser’s head)

Charmy: We’re looking for that guy who built this.

Sonic: And like Tails said, his name is Jack Lambert.

Allison: That’s all you’ve got to go on? A name?

Elise: I guess we can help.

Allison: Elise?

Elise: Allison, think about it. It’s their only hope.

Shadow: Thank you. And we think he’s working for Loki’s group, according to Yuffie.

Yuffie: That’s right.

Sonic: He’s our only key to tracking down the Jotundrome.

Twilight Sparkle: Well, I guess I can see what our computer turns up.

(Seeing Tiny looking at a framed painting of a toaster and then about to grab it, Twilight Sparkle stopped him)

Twilight Sparkle: Don’t touch that!

Tiny: Where does this plug in?

Dingodile: It’s a painting, genius!

Twilight Sparkle: (Sarcastically) Thank you for pointing it out, Captain Obvious.

Dingodile: For your information, sheila, my name is Dale Wallaroo! But I’m now Dingodile!

Twilight Sparkle: (Sarcastically) Excuse me, Dingodile.

Pinkie Pie: (To Tiny) And what’s your name?

Tiny: Tiny Tiger. Used to be called Tucker Tigerson, but no more.

(Elise then escorted Cloud and Aerith to her bedroom)

Elise: Cloud and Aerith, why don’t you rest in the bedroom.

Cloud and Aerith: Thank you.

(They head in there. Twilight Sparkle then headed into the office. Then she turned to everyone else)

Twilight Sparkle: The rest of you.... Well, rest for a while until my computer looks up this Jack Lambert. And stay out of trouble.

Omega: Roger, Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle: You promise?

Heroes: We promise, Twilight Sparkle.

(Suddenly, Tiny’s stomach growled)

Tiny: Tiny hungry.

Twilight Sparkle: Then feel free to let my friends help you make something good for you.

(Then she went in the office, closing the door. The group turned to Elise’s group with interest)

Tiny: Really?

Dingodile: You’d do that?

Applejack: Yeah! I’m a great cook.

Elise: What would you like? Burgers? Pizza?

(The TMNM got excited while Shadow smirked softly at the mention of “Pizza”)

TMNM: Pizza?!

Charmy: I’d like pizza!

(Sonic looked in the fridge with Elise)

Sonic: Got any hot dogs?

Elise: Hot dogs? I thought you want pizza?

Sonic: I do. A chili dog pizza. And besides, chili dogs are my favorite food other than pizza, tiramisu, and s’mores.

(Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile got surprised and then grossed out)

Yuffie: Chili dogs on pizza?

Dingodile: That’s disgusting!

Tiny: Even Tiny grossed out!

(Then to their surprise, Elise’s group agreed)

Elise’s group: Sure.

(The TMNM cheered. Then suddenly, Elise tried to activate her oven, but it wouldn’t turn on)

Elise: Oh, great! The oven’s broken!

(Suddenly, Yuffie noticed a miniature brick pizza oven nearby)

Yuffie: Why not use that?

(Noticing as well, Elise’s group shrugged)

Elise: We haven’t used that in a while.

Rainbow Dash: Why not?

(Applejack pulled out a box of matches)

Applejack: Uh, bad news guys....

(She showed the box empty. They groaned in disappointment. Suddenly, our heroes noticed Dingodile looking at a nearby fire extinguisher)

Tails: What’re you doing, Dingodile?

(Seeing them staring, Dingodile tried to make an excuse)

Dingodile: (Lying) Oh, nothing! Just looking at this extinguisher!

(He laughs nervously. Suddenly, Silver sensed something and smiled playfully)

Silver: Actually, you’re planning on making it a flamethrower to help us cook, right?

(Surprised that Silver figured it out, Dingodile then got honest)

Dingodile: Okay, yes. I want to help if I had a flamethrower, but....

(Then, to his surprise, Tails walked up to him)

Tails: I can help you make a flamethrower.

Dingodile: (Hopefully) You will?

(Tails nods. In the office, Twilight Sparkle was working on her computer to look up Jack Lambert)

Twilight Sparkle: Let’s see if the newsroom files have anything on this Jack Lambert.

(Back in the main room, Tails and Dingodile have finished making the fire extinguisher into a flamethrower and after testing it out on the inside of the oven, it worked and the oven turned on)

Dingodile: Wow! It works!

Tails: Told you that you needed gas.

(Then they set the temperature on the oven and with Tiny and Dingodile’s help, chopped some raw hot dogs, covered it and two pizzas with chili, and then placed the pizzas simultaneously in the oven to cook. Back in the office, Twilight Sparkle finally found a mug shot of Jack Lambert on the computer)

Twilight Sparkle: Got him!

(Then she proceeded to work on printing Jack’s address. Out in the main room, our heroes pulled the two cooked chili dog pizzas out with a wooden tray)

Pinkie Pie: Perfect!

(After Sonic cuts the pizzas into slices, Charmy picks his up and after biting it, he reacted in pain from the hot sauce and dropped the bitten piece onto his plate)

Charmy: Hot, hot, hot!

(Espio then turned to us readers while Charmy cooled his burnt mouth with a glass of cold water)

Espio: Eating 101; Never immediately eat a hot pizza after it cooks. Wait for it to cool.

(Then Charmy fanned his piece with his hand. The others did the same and they tried it finally now that the pizzas are cooled)

Dingodile: (Swallows his piece) Remember when I said this is disgusting? I take it back, it's delicious! Better than a shrimp on a barby!

(Tiny licks his plate clean)

Tiny: Tiny love it!

(They chuckled a bit. Suddenly, Twilight Sparkle returned with the printed paper)

Twilight Sparkle: Hey, guys, I...!

(She smelled the pizzas)

Twilight Sparkle: Wow! Something smells good! And chili dog flavored!

Tails: Hey, Twilight Sparkle!

Cream: Mr. Tiny and Mr. Dingodile helped us cook these pizzas.

(Twilight Sparkle got impressed)

Twilight Sparkle: Really? And did you save me a slice?

Tiny and Dingodile: Yep!

(Twilight Sparkle took a slice and ate it)

Twilight Sparkle: Wow! Delicious!

(She changed the subject)

Twilight Sparkle: Anyway, I found Jack Lambert’s address.

(Our heroes got relieved)

TMNM: Thanks!

(Silver then magically removed the psychokinetic chains from Tiny and Dingodile and Omega returned the trident to Tiny)

Silver: Kiss these chains goodbye.

Omega: And here’s your trident.

(Tiny and Dingodile got surprised)

Dingodile: You’re letting us go now?

Tiny: Really?

Silver: We’re Mobians of our word.

Omega: A deal’s a deal.

(Tiny and Dingodile then got disappointed)

Tiny: Tiny started to like you guys.

Dingodile: And maybe be friends.

(They started to walk away. Seeing this, our heroes felt sorry for them and after thinking it over, they got their attention)

Group: Hey!

(Tiny and Dingodile turned to them in confusion)

Omega: On second thought....

Shadow: You can stay with us.

Sonic: You’re one of us now.

(Happy to hear that for the first time, Tiny and Dingodile ran back to them and seated)

Tiny and Dingodile: Thank you!

Billy: Duh, before we head to his address....

Sonata: (Agreeing) Sure. We’ll finish our pizza meal.

Trixie: Besides, we never had dinner yet.

(Realizing, our heroes resumed their meal. Back at the mansion, Jack finished the master control with Loki’s group and the Gauntlet Soldiers watching)

Jack: Phew. There. It’s done, and I’m leaving.

Cortex: Don’t you wish to see the fruits of your labor?

(Jack groaned in agitation)

Jack: No, I’m tired. I haven’t slept all night.

Loki: Very well.

Loki’s group: Go home.

(Then Jack left. Once he’s gone, Loki’s group turned to the Gauntlet Soldiers)

Myotismon: He knows too much.

Hunter J: Put him out of the way.

Vanitas: And take the Mobian-Seeking Cycle.

Sephiroth: And if you find Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile, bring them back here.

(The Gauntlet Soldiers then left to go after Jack. With Jack, he goes into his RV-like van and left, unaware of the Gauntlet Soldiers following him secretly. With our heroes, they walked to the location of Jack Lambert’s address)

Charmy: It was nice of Yuffie, Cloud, and Aerith to stay with Christopher and Elise’s groups at the apartment and look out for Mouser activity while we head out.

Tails: You said it.

Silver: And from what I sensed in you, Tiny and Dingodile, that you both developed Stockholm Syndrome towards us.

Charmy: (Confused) Stockholm Syndrome? What’s that?

Tails: It’s a syndrome where a captive warms up to his or her captor.

Charmy: (Realizing) Oh! Kind of like the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast.”

Tails: Exactly.

Espio: Stick to business.

Shadow: We have to find Jack Lambert.

Silver: I hope he hasn’t had time to build any more of those little machines.

Dingodile: You and me both.

(In the Jotundrome, Loki’s group prepared to send the Mousers out)

Loki: Now, our children, seek out Squall Leonhart, Rinoa Heartilly, the Mobians, and any of their allies that accompany them. Destroy them all. But if you find Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile, bring them and Rinoa alive and unharmed.

(He turned to his group with a satisfied evil smirk)

Loki: Ah, it feels so good to be so bad.

Vanitas: You said it.

(Outside, the Mousers proceeded to go after their targets. Back at Elise’s group’s apartment, the rest of our heroes who stayed behind finished cleaning up from dinner. Yuffie suddenly whistled that song Loki’s group forbade from whistling before. Hearing her, Cloud and Aerith went up to her in curiosity, making her stop upon noticing)

Yuffie: Sorry.

Cloud: No, no. That song before.

Yuffie: What about it?

(Ace, along with Elise and Christopher’s groups, got their attention)

Ace: She’s just whistling a random tune.

Aerith: It is more than just a random tune she knew.

(Elise and Christopher’s groups got confused)

Cloud: Guys, would it be best if Yuffie, Aerith, and I have a little talk, alone?

(Understanding, Elise and Christopher’s groups agreed. Then Cloud and Aerith walked with Yuffie into the bedroom and sat together on the bed)

Yuffie: What do you want to talk about?

Cloud: Yuffie, that song you were whistling.... That was a lullaby your mother sang to you when you were a baby.

(Calmly surprised, Yuffie asked away)

Yuffie: How did you know?

(Cloud and Aerith nods to each other and explained)

Cloud: It is time Aerith and I told you the truth.

Aerith: About Squall and Rinoa.

Yuffie: They’re alive still?

Cloud and Aerith: Yes.

Yuffie: But Sephiroth said....

(She realized slowly)

Yuffie: So he lied....

Cloud: Indeed.

(Yuffie then got curious)

Yuffie: If that’s the case.... Where are they now?

(Nearby the door outside the room, Elise and Christopher’s groups listened in on the conversation quietly)

Yuffie: Where can I find them?

(Cloud and Aerith smiled softly)

Cloud: You are looking at them now.

(Yuffie reacted calmly in shock)

Yuffie: You mean...?

Cloud and Aerith: Yes.

Aerith: It is us.

(Yuffie calmly got surprised)

Yuffie: (To herself) My god.... (To Cloud and Aerith) Then that lullaby.... (To Aerith) It was from you?

(Aerith nods)

Aerith: Your father and I loved you so much.

Cloud: And the day when Sephiroth abducted you upon our banishment 14 years ago, we thought that we would never see you again.

Aerith: And to be reunited like this, it was a dream come true.

(Then Yuffie asked away to Aerith)

Yuffie: And your song? Could you...?

(Aerith nods and then sang her heart out)

Aerith: Home is where the heart is

Wherever you may be

There’ll always be a home for you

Here inside of me

Home is where the heart is

And whatever we may do

There’ll always be a part of me

Here inside of you

Four walls may surround you

And protect you from a storm

But my two arms around you

Will keep you safe and warm

(Yuffie smiled softly a bit, starting to tear up calmly)

Aerith: Remember where my heart is

And you’ll always have a home

(She and Cloud noticed Yuffie moved to tears calmly and happily to this)

Cloud: Yuffie....

(Then Aerith concluded her song in comfort)

Aerith: Remember where my heart is

And you’ll always have a home

(Then after Aerith finished, overwhelmed with emotion, Yuffie hugged them and cried softly as Cloud and Aerith hugged her in comfort. Outside the room, Elise and Christopher’s groups were calmly moved to tears from this moment)

Twilight Sparkle: (Whispering tearfully) This is so beautiful....

Snake: (Sniffles, then whispering tearfully) Have a new good life in the ssssssewersssss, Yuffie.

(Then Cloud, Aerith, and Yuffie noticed them composing themselves and smiled softly)

Cloud: How long did you hear this?

Elise: (Now composed) Loud, long, and clear.

(They smiled softly)

Commercial break

(Meanwhile at Jack Lambert’s apartment address, Jack parked his van and after getting out, he heads for the front door when he noticed the Gauntlet Soldiers standing behind him)

Jack: (Groans) What do you want now?

(Suddenly, the Gauntlet Soldiers pulled their laser guns out, much to his concern. And just when they fired....)

Tails: Time to take out the garbage!

(He jumps on a Gauntlet Soldier with a garbage can and knocked him down. Then Charmy and Tiny threw their chains and trident at two Gauntlet Soldiers, subduing them)

Charmy: You’re no match for Charmy Bee and Tiny Tiger!

Tiny: Masters of Manriki Gusari!

(They high-five. Then the last Gauntlet Soldier approached Knuckles and Dingodile with his laser gun)

Knuckles: And you’re no match for Knuckles the Echidna and Dingodile!

Dingodile: Masters of the manhole cover!

(Then Silver used his powers to knock the Gauntlet Soldier into the manhole cover and drop him into the manhole)

Vector: Heh! What a sucker.

(After Knuckles placed the cover back on the manhole, our heroes turned to a nervous Jack)

Vector: Okay, bub, let’s chat.

(They go up to him. Jack suddenly noticed Tiny and Dingodile)

Jack: Wait a minute. I thought you two worked for Loki’s group?

Tiny: Not anymore.

Dingodile: We’re chums of these guys from here on out.

(They go up to Jack, who got nervous even more. Later, they have tied Jack up to a lamppost and Charmy took his remote controller)

Charmy: You want to clue us in on what this is?

Jack: It’s the remote controller for my Mousers.

Sonic: Do you have any more of these Mousers?

Jack: No, but Loki’s group have, uh, hundreds of them.

Shadow: And where is Loki’s group now?

Jack: (Giving the cold shoulder) I’ll never talk.

(He glares at Tiny and Dingodile)

Jack: Why don’t you two traitors tell them?

Tiny: (Sarcastically) Well, gee, we could....

(He and Dingodile wink at the TMNM, then the TMNM let Dingodile and Vector aim their flamethrower and sai at Jack, who got nervous)

Vector: But you’d better tell us. Or Dingodile and I are gonna get.... Sarcastic.

Dingodile: Or better yet, make you shish-ka-bob.

(Seeing Dingodile about to slowly reach for the flamethrower’s trigger, Jack got nervous and cracked)

Jack: Okay, okay! They’re in an old mansion on Green Street near Tenth! They’ve got a master control for all the Mousers there!

(He exhales in relief after Vector and Dingodile lay their weapons down)

Jack: There, I said it!

(Vector and Dingodile turned to our heroes, satisfied)

Vector: See? Nothing beats cunning wit.

Dingodile: And cooked food puns.

Rouge: Green Street’s all the way downtown.

Charmy: Yeah.

Cream: How are we gonna get there on time?

Cheese: (Curiously) Chao, chao?

(Big and Froggy suddenly noticed the van and points it out, making them get an idea)

Knuckles: Are you guys thinking what me, Big, and Froggy’re thinking?

(They nod. Later, after untying Jack and letting him go, our heroes entered the van)

Tails: Beam generators, frequency tracers....

Big: You know, we could really use some of this junk.

(Froggy croaks in agreement. Charmy them sat in the driver’s seat)

Vector: Gee, Charmy. none of us knew you could drive.

Charmy: (Starts driving) Heh. I can’t! Cowabunga!

(Suddenly, Silver and Dingodile realized something)

Silver: Uh, guys, has it occurred to you just how easily those Mousers found Cloud and Aerith?

Knuckles and Vector: So what?

Silver: So, if there are hundreds of them now....

Dingodile: And if we’re the targets....

(Our heroes immediately realized)

Heroes: Our friends!

(Charmy makes a sharp turn and drove quickly back to the direction of Elise’s group’s apartment)

Vector: (Sarcastically) Nice turn, Batman.

Charmy: He inspired me to do this.

(Then they hurried in the van. Back at Elise’s group’s apartment, the rest of our heroes, except Cloud and Aerith who are meditating in the bedroom, were playing the “Clue” board game)

Yuffie: Okay. Colonel Mustard in the foyer with a wrench.

(Suddenly, they heard rumbling and looked to see the wall in the kitchen cracking. Concerned, they ran into the bedroom and got Cloud and Aerith’s attention)

Elise: Cloud, Aerith!

Yuffie: Mom, Dad! Something terrible’s happening!

Cloud: What’s the matter, guys?

Christopher: I think something’s trying to eat this apartment!

(They suddenly heard loud mechanical whirring. Yuffie ran to the door and saw, to her and everyone else’s horror, a horde of Mousers)

Yuffie: Uh, sorry! You must have the wrong apartment!

(She whacks them aside with her Cross Shuriken and then they run out to the kitchen)

Aerith: We must arm ourselves.

(While Elise’s group armed themselves with some kitchen utensils, Christopher’s group armed themselves with their sports stuff and together with a Cross Shuriken-wielding Yuffie, a Buster Sword-wielding Cloud and a Guard Stick-wielding Aerith, fended the Mousers off, but there were too many)

Cloud: I fear we’re about to join our ancestors, guys!

Elise: It’s been swell knowing you, Cloud and Aerith, and you too, Yuffie.

Yuffie: The feeling’s mutual.

(Suddenly, our heroes jumped into the apartment through the window on Kayla’s grappling rope lines. Then they took action)

Dingodile: Outta my way, big mouth!

Tiny: Yeah, big mouth!

(Then while Dingodile burned down one Mouser, Tiny stabbed the other Mouser with his trident. Two other Mousers charge at Tails and Grubber, but the two swiped them aside with his bo stick and golf club respectively)

Tails: Fore!

(Grubber blows a raspberry in agreement. After defeating some Mousers, they suddenly noticed debris crumbling down on them from the ceiling)

Tails: I don’t like the sound of that one bit.

Kayla: The ropes!

Max: Hurry!

(Then after Charmy quickly grabbed the portable brick pizza oven, our heroes rushed to the ropes, grabbed them, and escaped before the entire apartment building collapsed from the Mouser’s destruction path. But luckily, below our heroes, millions of people living in that apartment managed to evacuate on time)

Sunset Shimmer: Boy, they sure don’t build ‘em like they used to before.

Knuckles: Well, what are we hanging around here for?

Tiny: Let’s go find Loki’s group.

(Then with Silver’s powers’ help, our heroes swung to the ground safely and managed to escape before the police arrived. As they ran to the van, Tai’s group arrived in a hurry)

Matt: Guys!

Mimi: A bunch of robots that resembled small dinosaurs attacked our apartment!

(Noticing Elise’s group’s apartment in pieces, Tai’s group realized as well)

Izzy: You, too, got attacked?

Heroes: (Nods) Yeah.

(Noticing Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile, Tai’s group got confused)

Tai: What are they doing here?

Tails: I’ll explain along the way. Come on!

(Doing what Tails ordered, Tai’s group climbed into the van with everyone and drove off. Later while driving, our heroes, having already told Tai’s group the whole thing involving Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile’s alliance with them, also revealed to the TMNM, Tiny, and Dingodile, that Yuffie is Squall/Cloud and Rinoa’s/Aerith’s daughter)

Dingodile: So, basically, Yuffie’s Cloud and Aerith’s daughter?

Ace: Yeah.

Arturo: Even though, technically, Cloud and Aerith used to be Squall and Rinoa, as you recall.

Sonic: That’s one heck of a family reunion.

(Then they spot the mansion and parked. Then they climbed out)

Tails: There’s the mansion, just like Jack said.

Knuckles: So, what do we do now?

(Tails shows Jack's remote controller)

Tails: With the equipment in the van, I can make this thing powerful enough to control all of the Mousers.

Silver: But according to my senses, it won’t do any good unless we shut down the master control in that old dump.

Espio: Somebody’s gonna have to get in there and put it out of commission.

Dingodile: Come on, troops!

Knuckles: Let’s do it!

(Then Charmy stopped Knuckles)

Charmy: Hang on! One Mobian has a better chance than 19.

(Glad to hear Charmy’s confidence, our heroes encouraged him)

Vector: Well, have fun with Tiny, Dingodile, and Yuffie.

Knuckles: Drop us a line if anything interesting happens.

Yuffie: You could have tried to talk him out of it, you know.

Charmy: Yeah.

Knuckles: Where’s the fun in that?

(A short pause)

Yuffie: On second thought, you can count on us.

Charmy: Yeah!

(Then Charmy, Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile run up to the mansion. Noticing the way inside the underground of the mansion, Tiny broke the grate and they entered. After looking around for the way in, they find the tube leading up. They climb up, and found themselves in the foyer of the mansion. After pushing the grate aside quietly, they climbed into the foyer)

Charmy: (Whispering) Now to find the master control.

(They run towards a door and after opening it, they saw the master control. Just when they charged at it, a Crimson Lightning tied them up like a lasso. They turned and saw Loki’s group approach them with evil smirks)

Vanitas: Not so fast, Mobian Bee Boy.

Sephiroth: And it came to no surprise that you had to turn Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile against us.

Tiny: Big deal.

Dingodile: At least they treat us nicer than you.

(Sephiroth and Vanitas aimed their Masamune and Keyblade at them, making them nervous)

Sephiroth: I’d watch my tongue if I were you.

Vanitas: And such a pity we lost you two, the muscle and fire power of the Gauntlet Clan.

Sephiroth: (Smirking evilly at Yuffie) And of course, Yuffie.

Loki: Take them away.

(Then Myotismon dragged the four struggling captives into the other room. Outside, our heroes waited patiently for Charmy, Dingodile, Tiny, and Yuffie to shut down the master control, unaware of what happened inside. In the master control room, Loki’s group saw them on screen)

Eggman: So, they’re all here.

(They chuckled evilly calmly)

Cortex: Time to give our Mousers new orders.

Myotismon: Indeed.

(Then Eggman began typing away on the master control. In the other room, Charmy, Tiny, Dingodile, and Yuffie are now tied together on four chairs in ropes instead of the Crimson Lightning; Their hands tied behind their backs and attached to the ropes tied around their arms and torsos and they are now struggling to break free while their weapons are laid aside)

Yuffie: This is stupid!

Dingodile: There’s got to be a way out of these ropes.

(They struggled some more, then stopped)

Dingodile: Of course, I could be wrong since these ropes....

(He glares at the door leading to the master control room)

Dingodile: Are escape-proof.

Charmy: Don’t quit.

(They looked at him)

Charmy: We’ll find a way out of this.

(Understanding Charmy’s confidence, Tiny, however, disagreed)

Tiny: Tiny understand, but we can’t.

Yuffie: Not necessarily, if we try to reach for my Cross Shuriken right there.

(They noticed her Cross Shuriken and realized)

Tiny: (To Charmy) On second thought, Charmy, let’s go for it.

(They work together walking carefully towards Yuffie’s Cross Shuriken. Outside, our heroes see the Mousers coming at them)

Vector: Oh, swell.

Knuckles: Another 1,000 mouths to feed.

(Tails tried to activate the remote controller)

Tails: I just hope Charmy’s group managed to shut down the master control.

(Back inside, Charmy, Tiny, Dingodile, and Yuffie reached Yuffie’s Cross Shuriken and Dingodile used his toes to try and pick it up)

Dingodile: Now, all I have to do is....

(Suddenly, to their surprise, they see the Cross Shuriken glow red and float over to them bladepoint)

Uka-Uka: Don’t move one inch.

Charmy, Tiny, Dingodile, and Yuffie: (Confused) Huh?

(They look and see Uka-Uka levitating the Cross Shuriken with his powers with his group standing by him. Back outside, our heroes backed away to the van in concern as the Mousers got closer)

Knuckles: (Through gritted teeth nervously) Charmy’s group, hurry.

Espio: Remind me to give those four a stern talking to.

Vector: If we survive this.

Espio: Hopefully.

(The Mousers got closer as our heroes quickly climbed on top of the van. Back inside, the Cross Shuriken’s blades cuts the ropes, untying Charmy, Tiny, Dingodile, and Yuffie in the process and then Uka-Uka placed Yuffie’s Cross Shuriken on the floor. Once freed, they took their weapons back and looked at Uka-Uka’s group in suspicion)

Charmy: (Looking at Uka-Uka) Well, I’ve heard of voodoo masks, but you take the cake.

(He noticed Mephiles)

Charmy: And you oddly look like Shadow, but with a sickly darker shade.

Yuffie: Even Loki’s group never told me, Tiny, and Dingodile about you guys.

Tiny and Dingodile: Yeah.

Mephiles: Just listen to us.

Infinite: The room with the master control, as you saw when Myotismon dragged you here, is being used right now.

N. Gin: Just go up there and destroy it.

Yuffie: Whoa, time out!

Charmy: Wait a minute.

Tiny: Why should we believe talking mask and his group?

Dingodile: Are you trying to put us in a trap?

Uka-Uka: There’s no time to argue!

Tropy: Your friends are in danger.

N. Brio: Now hurry!

Oxide: At once!

Demidevimon: Before it’s too late.

(Charmy, Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile, despite being suspicious, shrugged and ran to the master control room. Outside, our heroes were still on the van’s roof)

Big: I’d say this was hopeless.

Knuckles: But that’s too optimistic.

(Froggy croaks in agreement. Inside, Loki’s group smirked evilly at the screen)

Sephiroth: Farewell, accursed Squall Leonhart.

Vanitas: And don’t worry. Sephiroth will take care of Rinoa.

(Suddenly, Charmy, Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile barged in)

Yuffie: Heads up, Loki’s group!

(Surprised that they escaped, Loki’s group grabbed their laser guns, Keyblade, and Masamune while Myotismon changed into Malomyotismon)

Charmy: Ah, a bunch of villains with laser guns.

Yuffie: And two swords.

Dingodile: And that’s Malomyotismon, Myotismon’s monster form.

(Tiny throws his trident at Loki’s group, but they dodged)

Tiny: Come on! Fight like mutant!

Charmy: Or a Mobian!

(Hunter J fired her laser gun at them, but they dodged while Tiny grabbed his trident)

Charmy: (Giggles a bit) Missed us by a mile!

(Vanitas swiped his Keyblade at them, but missed as well)

Vanitas: You impudent idiots! Hold still!

(Noticing the master control, Charmy, Tiny, Dingodile, and Yuffie hurried over to it, avoiding the lasers)

Charmy: Come on, laser losers!

(They go in front of the master control)

Yuffie: Hit us with your best shot!

Dingodile: Fire away!

(Cortex aimed his laser gun)

Cortex: You bet I will!

(Realizing what Charmy’s group’s up to, Loki’s group shouted to Cortex)

Loki’s group: No!

Cortex: (Confused) Now?

Loki’s group: No!

Cortex: Okay!

(He fired at Charmy’s group, but they dodged and the laser instead hits the master control, damaging it and surprisingly enough, shuts it down)

Loki’s group: Cortex!

Cortex: Oops.

(Eggman fired his laser gun at Charmy’s group, who kept dodging)

Eggman: You’ll pay for that!

Charmy: Will you take an I.O.U.?

Yuffie: Well, tough!

(Charmy, Tiny, Dingodile, and Yuffie escape. Outside, our heroes saw that the Mousers have stopped)

Pinkie Pie: Charmy’s group did it!

Tails: All right!

(He activates the remote controller)

Tails: Let’s give these little creeps some new marching orders.

(Then after Tails pushed the button, the Mousers immediately returned to the mansion and began chomping it down. Inside, Loki’s group noticed debris falling everywhere)

Malomyotismon: (To himself) Oh, no. (To Loki’s group) Come on!

(They hurry to their capsule with Malomyotismon turning back to Myotismon. Elsewhere, Uka-Uka’s group escaped into the other capsule. And they both returned to the Jotundrome. Once back there, the Jotundrome drove off. Back at the surface, our heroes, climbing off the van’s roof, watched the mansion crumble down to pieces, killing the Mousers in the process. Then a gas main pipe blew up)

Tails: Huh. Guess they must’ve hit a gas main.

Max: That’s the end of the Mousers.

Kayla: Indeed.

Knuckles: My sentiments exactly.

Shadow: Yes, but what about Charmy’s group?

(Realizing, our heroes ran up to the mansion’s remains and looked around)

Elise: Charmy?!

Cloud and Aerith: Yuffie?!

Cream: Mr. Tiny?!

Cheese: (Concerned) Chao, chao?!

Cosmo: Dingodile?!

Sonic: Where are you?!

Vector: If anything’s happened to that little twerp and those other three, I’ll...!

(They suddenly noticed Charmy, Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile’s arms sticking out)

Vector: Oh, no!

(He, Omega, Cloud, and Aerith ran up to where they are in concern)

Vector: Charmy, guys!

Cloud: Say something!

Aerith: Say something!

(Omega removed the debris to find Charmy, Yuffie, Tiny, and Dingodile are alright)

Charmy: I just love hide-n’-seek, don’t you?

(Everyone glared flatly at his joke)

Cloud: Bad joke, Charmy.

Aerith: You had us worried sick.

(Knuckles peeked at the hole where the capsule made before and found no sign of the Jotundrome)

Knuckles: Well, guess what? The Jotundrome’s long gone.

Silver: That Loki’s group's getting to be a real pain in the tail.

Rouge: We need some way to track them.

Shadow: Indeed.

Tails: The van we have is full of all sorts of surveillance gear, if we could rig it up somehow.

(They returned to the van, went in, and drove off)

Charmy: You know what me and my group saw in that old house?

Group: What?

Charmy: We saw this humongous flying tiki mask.

Dingodile: Along with a Shadow the Hedgehog double, a jackal, a blue-skinned man....

Tiny: A green alien, a bowling ball-shaped bat....

Yuffie: And not to mention two human scientists.

Charmy: And they had magic and can talk.

Knuckles: (Skeptically) A talking tiki mask along with a Shadow the Hedgehog double, a jackal, a blue-skinned man, a green alien, a bowling ball-shaped bat, and two human scientists? Really?

Charmy, Tiny, Dingodile, and Yuffie: Yeah!

Charmy: It’s weird, huh?

Yuffie: And Loki’s group never told me, Tiny, and Dingodile about them.

Tiny: Is it weird like Charmy said?

(Knuckles didn’t believe them)

Knuckles: Charmy, I do believe you’ve finally had one pizza, one tiramisu, and one s’more too many.

Dingodile: But it’s true.

Yuffie: Why would you think we made it up?

(Silver sensed them and realized)

Silver: They’re right, Knuckles.

Knuckles: Really?

Silver: Yep. They really did encounter those creatures they described.

Knuckles: (Realizing to Silver) Oh. (To Charmy apologetically) On second thought, I take back what I said about pizzas, s’mores, and tiramisu.

(Charmy giggled a bit, glad to know everyone now believed his group as they drove off)

To be continued....

Ending song: Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians (1987) Theme Song Instrumental Version

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