Opening song: Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians (1987) (Version 2) Theme Song

Mobian Tracks (Version 2)

(New York City; June 1987. It is nighttime and one of the streets of Manhattan is all quiet and empty, save for one red van. Then suddenly, a group of punks emerge from the shadows, wielding clubs, wrenches, and axes. Among the punks are eight men and a woman; The first man is a 30 year old muscular man with short orange spike hair, blue eyes, and wearing a red tanktop, a spiked brown shoulder plate on his left shoulder, blue shorts, white socks, and red and white converse shoes. He is Tucker Tigerson. The second man is a 29 year old Australian accented man with short brown hair, brown eyes, and wearing a long-sleeved button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, tan pants, and black shoes, and sometimes carried a flamethrower. He is Dale Wallaroo. The third man is a 33 year old muscular man with short spiky dark gray hair with the sideburns colored gray, brown eyes, and wearing a red tanktop, orange pants, and brown boots. He is Kent Kong. The fourth man is a 31 year old Brooklyn-accented man with short black slick hair, brown eyes, and wearing a green long-sleeved shirt underneath a red long-sleeved pinstriped business suit, a black necktie, red pants, and black shoes and sometimes wields a tommy gun. He is Paul "Pinstripe" Potolini. The fifth man is a 28 year old with pale skin, a crazy-look on his face, blood-red eyes, brown pupils, short blue spiky hair, and wearing a white straightjacket and white pants. He is Ricky Rooter. The sixth and seventh men are 32 and 31 years old, both with tan-skin, brown eyes, and with short green hair, with the chubby 31 year old having a green beard and the skinny 32 year old with no facial hair, and both are wearing a yellow Arabic cup-like helmet with a metal spike on top, a purple head cloak underneath, a white sleeveless long tunic underneath a magenta long-sleeved Arabic robe that is open, gold Arabic shoes, and sometimes both wielded an Arabian sword. They are Joe and Moe Komadipatatim. The last man is a mummy-type Digimon with slate gray skin, yellow eyes, and is wearing a blue jacket with yellow buttons and gray sleeve rims, dark gray gloves, a blue hat with a gray belt around it and yellow buttons, blue pants, and dark gray shoes, and is carrying a silver cane with a red jewel on top. He is Mummymon. And the woman with them is a spider-woman-type Digimon with pale skin, white hip length hair, and is wearing a red sleeveless dress with a matching short scarf-like cape, a red and purple striped tall hat with a spider-shaped brooch in the middle, dark purple sunglasses, a purple belt, purple spider web-designed arm gloves, and purple boots. She is Arukenimon. After approaching the van, they and the punks got their weapons ready and trashed the vehicle with their weapons by beating it down until it was wrecked to pieces)

Girl 1: (Voice-over) Crime. It's something we take for granted.

(Elsewhere moments later, a regular guy was standing by the brick wall, reading a newspaper when Ricky and three other punks arrived, spray-painting the wall and the guy with spray-paint cans until the man and the wall were all covered in graffiti)

Girl 2: (Voice-over) It's simply a day-to-day fact of life in the big city.

(Then the man walks off, still carrying the paper and covered in graffiti, as if he didn't pay attention and didn't care)

Girl 3: (Voice-over) But occasionally, a crime occurs so baffling that even when we city dwellers sit up and take notice.

(On the TV screen nearby, a news report is being announced by 13 teenage girls. The first girl is an 18 year old with short auburn hair, blue eyes, and is wearing a royal blue cropped tanktop, small white teardrop-shaped earrings, a tiny gold chain necklace with a teardrop-shaped ruby charm, a light tan leather banded watch on her left wrist, a light blue knee-length flowing skirt, and orange high-heeled sandals. She is Elise Oriana III, head reporter of the Channel Six News Studio of New York City. The second teenage girl is a unicorn-like girl with lavender skin, violet eyes, dark indigo hair with pink and purple streaks, and wearing a light blue short-sleeved shirt with a pink bowtie, a purple skirt with a pink star and five white stars, and purple and pink legwarmers with black dress shoes. She is Twilight Sparkle, the leader and bookworm of the Mane Seven. The third teenage girl is a Pegasus-like girl with sky-blue skin, magenta eyes, rainbow colored hair with bangs hanging in the right side of her face, and wearing a blue short-sleeved button up shirt, a white short-sleeved shirt with a rainbow lightning bolt on it, a tight fitting black biker shorts underneath a pink and white skirt, rainbow colored bracelets, matching knee socks, and light blue and white converse shoes. She is Rainbow Dash, the competitive member of the Mane Seven. The fourth teenage girl is a pony-like girl with ivory yellow skin, teal eyes, and light pink hair, which was held in a butterfly hair clip, wearing a white tanktop, a grass-green skirt with three white and pink butterflies on it, a pink skirt lace with white polka dots, matching knee-high socks, and grass-green boots with white frills on them. She is Fluttershy, the shy voice of reason of the Mane Seven. The fifth teenage girl is an earth pony-like girl with a brown cowboy hat, tan skin with white freckles on her face, green eyes, tied up blonde hair, a southern accent, and wearing a white and green short-sleeved shirt, a brown belt with a red apple, a blue denim miniskirt with two pockets and a light blue skirt lace, and brown boots with three apples on each of them. She is Applejack, the tomboy of the Mane Seven. The sixth teenage girl is a pony-like girl with pure white skin, dark blue eyes, royal purple hair which is combed in wavy curls most of the time, a Mid-Atlantic accent, and wearing a short-sleeved pale blue shirt, two gold bracelets, a lilac skirt with blue and violet accents and three cyan diamonds on it, a blue triple-diamond barette, a violet designer belt and lilac boots with cyan diamonds on them. She is Rarity, the beauty queen of the Mane Seven. The seventh teenage girl is a pony-like girl with pale pink skin, light blue eyes, curly magenta hair, and wearing a white short-sleeved shirt with a pink heart on it, a blue long-sleeved jacket, two matching bracelets, a pink skirt with two blue balloons and a yellow balloon on it, and blue boots with pink bows on them. She is Pinkie Pie, the hyperactive member of the Mane Seven. The eighth teenage girl is a pony-like girl with light amber skin, cyan eyes, red hair with yellow streaks, and wearing a magenta halter shirt with a red and yellow sun on it and a black halterneck strap on her neck, and orange skirt with a yellow stripe and a purple stripe on it, black wristbands with magenta studs on each of them, and black boots with magenta flame markings on them. She is Sunset Shimmer, the Mane Seven's newest member and best friend. The ninth teenage girl is a pony-like girl with pale apple green skin, long, curly, luminous orange hair with brilliant yellow streaks, and brilliant raspberry eyes, wearing a lilac blouse with short, puffy sleeves, matching opera gloves, lavender stockings with purple triangles on them and purple high-heeled boots. She is Adagio Dazzle, the leader of the Dazzlings. The tenth teenage girl is a pony-like girl with light purple skin, long purple hair with blue strands, and purple eyes, wearing a blue sleeveless vest with the sleeve rims ripped, a white tank top underneath, a red gem necklace, three purple wristbands on her arms, purple criss-cross belt with a white star-shaped buckle, violet pants with glitter pockets, and knee-high dark purple boots. She is Aria Blaze, a member of the Dazzlings. The eleventh teenage girl is a pony-like girl with pale purple skin, long purple hair with light blue strands, and gray blue eyes, wearing a pink hat with white star symbols, a blue short-sleeved shirt with short, puffy sleeves and purple sleeve rims, a dark blue sleeveless vest, a navy blue wristband on her left wrist, blue jeans with hole designs, and black high heeled boots. She is Starlight Glimmer, another member of the Dazzlings. The twelfth teenage girl is a pony-like girl with pale blue skin, long light blue hair with dark blue strands, and purple eyes, wearing a microphone-themed scrunchie in her hair, a red gem choker, a purple jacket with the sleeves rolled up, a pink skirt, light pink knee-high socks, and pink knee-high converse shoes. She is Sonata Dusk, another member of the Dazzlings. And the last teenage girl is a pony-like girl with light blue skin, long pale blue hair with light blue strands, and purple eyes, wearing a blue jacket, a purple short-sleeved dress with yellow rims and blue lining around the skirt, and blue knee-high boots with purple rims. She is Trixie, the last member of the Dazzlings. Anyway, the first three girls that were speaking before were Elise, Twilight Sparkle, and Adagio respectively)

Adagio: Three scientific equipment companies, three robberies.

Trixie: And what was stolen?

(At one of the equipment company buildings that were robbed before, Elise's group interviewed one of the employees)

Employee: Two positron accelerators, four reverse flux polarity indicators, and one parabolic sine wave generator.

Rainbow Dash: And what does all that equipment do, sir?

(The employee thought it over and shrugged in defeat)

Employee: I have absolutely no idea.

(Elise's group then turned to the camera)

Sunset Shimmer: But, although the missing goods are high-tech, the method by which they were stolen is not.

(In the back of the building's loading area, a professor examined a damaged door with claw marks on the doorway)

Professor: These incisions could only have been made with a samurai sword.

(He and Elise's group went inside and examined a cut rope, apparently from when they freed a security officer who was tied up before)

Professor: And look at this rope. This can only be the work of ninjas, the ancient band of Japanese warriors.

Security officer: Yeah, the kind that tied me up before!

Aria: (To the security officer) Relax. (To the professor) And how can you tell that from the rope, Professor?

(The professor let Elise's group examine the rope some more, revealing a brand sticker attached to the rope that's labeled "Japan" on it)

Professor: Well, look for yourself. It's made in Japan.

(Later at the back of Technology Central, Elise's group resumed their report, with nine people working on filming the report. The first person is a 10 year old boy with brown eyes, huge brown upward spiky hair, and wearing a blue headband with a pair of round black-strapped goggles over them, a yellow short-sleeved turtleneck T-shirt underneath a blue short-sleeved shirt with two yellow pocket rims on each side of his chest area, three tiny yellow buttons near the turtleneck, one orange star on each side of his sleeves, a black armband on his left arm, white gloves, dark red cargo shorts, white socks, and white and blue shoes with yellow markings. He is Tai Kamiya, a good friend of Elise's group and the boom operator of Channel Six. The second person is a 10 year old girl with crimson eyes and short orange hair, and wearing a light blue helmet-like hat with pale blue straps, a yellow tanktop with a white turtleneck and bottom rim, red pink gloves, blue pants with the ankle rims rolled up a bit, a pink fannypack, white socks, and black and red shoes. She is Sora Takenouchi, another close friend of Elise's group and editor's assistant to Channel Six. The third person is a 10 year old boy with short spiky gold blonde hair, blue eyes, and wearing a dark green turtleneck tanktop, light brown gloves, dark blue pants with the bottom rims rolled up a bit, green socks, and dark brown boots. He is Matt Ishida, another friend of Elise's group and the main editor of Channel Six. The fourth person is a 9 year old boy with black pupiled eyes and short red brown spiky hair, and wearing an orange long-sleeved button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, yellow gloves, olive green shorts, green socks, and purple and dark blue strapped shoes with a yellow lightning bolt on each side, and sometimes carried a green backpack carrying his laptop. He is Izzy Izumi, a friend of Elise's group and the tech mechanic of Channel Six. The fifth person is a 9 year old girl with long light orange hair and light brown eyes, and wearing a big pink cowgirl hat with her hair tucked in, a red pink short-sleeved cowgirl-styled dress, a brown belt with a yellow buckle, orange gloves with brown wrist straps, pink socks, and white and brown cowgirl shoes. She is Mimi Tachikawa, another friend of Elise's group and secretary of Channel Six. The sixth person is a 12 year old boy with short blue hair and black pupiled eyes underneath a pair of brown handled glasses, and wearing a pale blue short-sleeved flap-collared shirt underneath a white sleeveless overshirt with blue rims, yellow wristbands, a green watch on his left wrist, light brown shorts, dark blue knee-high socks, and red and white converse shoes. He is Joe Kido, another friend of Elise's group and cameraman of Channel Six. The seventh person is an 8 year old boy with short gold blonde hair, blue eyes, and wearing a green helmet-like hat with its bill in the back, a blue oval-shaped gem on the front and a light green lining around the hat, a green long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves colored light green, brown shorts, yellow socks, and green and white strap-on shoes, and sometimes carried a light blue backpack. He is TK Takaishi-Ishida, Matt's little brother, another friend of Elise's group, and an editor-in-training for Channel Six. The eighth person is a 7 year old girl with short flat light brown hair and brown eyes, and wearing a pink neckerchief, a pink stringed necklace carrying a silver whistle, a lemon yellow tanktop with three tiny white buttons near the neck rim, magenta capris, white socks, and white and red shoes. She is Kari Kamiya, Tai's little sister, another friend of Elise's group, and boom operator-in-training for Channel Six. And the last person is a 17 year old boy with short blonde hair, blue eyes, an old healed slash-like scar above his nose bridge, and wearing a black sockhat with white Japanese Kanji sewn on the front, a blue zip-up tanktop with white rims underneath a white long sleeveless vest with a blue rim, red pants with a brown waist rim and a yellow string to support it, and black boots with a blue string around the ankles on each of them. He is Seifer Almasy, Elise's group's rival and main cameraman of Channel Six, who always envied Elise's group being the popular reporters and always wanted to take their jobs, despite his sarcastic cowardly nature within his tough guy exterior. Anyway, Elise's group continued)

Applejack: Ninjas, a thousand year old clan of assassins.

Sonata: Is it possible they are here in the city?

Starlight: We're at Technology Central to answer that question.

Rarity: For it may be the next target of these mysterious burglars.

Fluttershy: We'll report as soon as anything develops.

Elise: This is Elise Oriana III....

Mane Seven: The Mane Seven....

Dazzlings: And the Dazzlings....

Elise's group: Happy hour news.

Pinkie Pie: Back to you, Jeff.

(As soon as they finished, the news crew prepared themselves while Seifer called out to Elise's group impatiently)

Seifer: Come on, Elise. Let's beat it. Nothing's gonna happen here.

(Elise and Tai's group rolled their eyes at Seifer's remark)

Tai: What do you think we are, Seifer, a bunch of sissies?

Pinkie Pie: Well, we're not! This is gonna be fun.

Seifer: Look, Pinkie Pie, we've got a million bucks in state-of-the-art equipment here. I'm not gonna let it sit around in the street in the dead of the night.

Joe: Well, you somewhat may be right, Seifer.

Seifer: (To Elise's group) Ha! See? Joe agre.... (Realizes, then to Joe) Wait a minute! What do you mean "Somewhat?"

Joe: I may be a cautious person, but that doesn't mean we're just gonna abandon an upcoming interview.

Seifer: So, you'd rather wait to be mugged, huh?

Joe: Not necessarily.

Izzy: Joe's right. We can't just chicken out of an upcoming interview.

Sora: And besides, if we didn't do this, we'd get fired easily.

Matt: Yeah. By J. Jonah Jamieson himself.

(Elsewhere in an electronic room with a huge TV monitor unknown to the news crew, seven mysterious figures are watching the whole thing with evil smirks)

Seifer: (On-screen) Whatever. But don't come crying to me if those thieves beat you up and steal stuff from you.

(Then, one of the seven figures, sounding like a calm-sounding teenage boy, chuckled evilly and calmly. Back at Technology Central, Twilight Sparkle spoke up on Seifer's comment)

Twilight Sparkle: We're the news media, for crying out loud.

Applejack: Twilight Sparkle has a point. Who'd want to hurt us?

(Suddenly, Mimi gasped in fear and points at something behind Elise's group. Noticing Mimi's terrified look, the news crew turned and gasped upon seeing the punks, among them Kent, Ricky, Joe K., Moe, Dale, and Tucker, and led by Paul, slowly advance towards them in a threatening way)

Seifer: Um, them maybe? Don't say I didn't warn you.

Mimi: (Trying to appease the punks in a shaky voice) Uh, hi guys. (Chuckles nervously) How's the night going for you?

(She chuckles nervously again. Then noticing the camera laying on the ground between the news crew and the punks, Tai turned to Seifer)

Tai: The camera! Get the camera!

(Seifer rushed over to the camera only to see the punks pulling their weapons out. Panicking, he backed off in fear along with the news crew)

Joe: (Nervously) I-I think I left the iron on in my apartment.

Izzy: (Nervously) Yeah, I just remembered roller derby's on TV tonight.

Seifer: (Nervously) Oh, and I, uh, got an appointment with my, uh, dentist!

(Then Paul and Kent walked up to the nervous news crew with their clubs ready)

Kent: We got a message for you girls from the big boss man and his group.

Paul: He warns you gals should stick to reportin' fashion shows.

(Elise's group got nervous)

Elise: (Nervously) O-Okay. Sure.

Adagio: (Nervously) No problem.

(Paul aims his tommy gun at them)

Paul: Our bosses don't believe any of you.

Ricky: (Laughing crazily) Bye-bye!

(Quickly taking action, Elise grabbed the camera)

Elise: Here, catch!

(She throws the camera at Paul, knocking his tommy gun out of his hands. While the punks checked on a recovering Paul, Elise's group turned to Tai's group and Seifer)

Elise's group: Run!

Seifer: My sentiments exactly!

Tai's group: Be careful!

(They split, with Elise's group running to go hide, Tai's group running off to find help, and Seifer running off to Channel Six's direction. Noticing Elise's group running, the punks recovered and ran after them. Elise's group desperately looked around for a hiding spot while running when they stopped and saw a huge grated manhole leading to the sewers. Quickly opening it, they, except a disgusted Rarity, climbed down)

Rarity: If you think I'm gonna go down there...!

Applejack: (Grabbing her) Come on!

(Then with that, they make it down and quickly closing the manhole and ran to find a hiding spot, despite that they're in the sewers. Back up on the street, the punks arrived at the grated manhole)

Paul: Look for those gals!

(They search until Ricky smelled something on the manhole)

Ricky: I smell apple perfume!

(The punks didn't know it at first)

Kent: This is not the time for apple smelling, Ricky! Keep...!

(He smells it suddenly)

Kent: Wait a minute. I smell it too.

(Arukenimon and Mummymon smelled it)

Mummymon: Smells good.

Arukenimon: And stinky at the same time.

(The rest of the punks smell it as well and realized)

Paul: They're down there!

Kent: After them!

(They open the manhole and climbed down. Elsewhere in the sewers, Elise's group stopped running and panted in exhaustion)

Elise: This is just great! We must really be on to something hot if they're trying to kill us.

(Suddenly noticing the punks running into the same area, Elise's group panicked and ran again. Noticing them, the punks charged after them. Above the pipes, some shadowy figures noticed the punks chasing after Elise's group and followed them while still hidden. Elise's group kept running until they stopped at a dead end. After looking around desperately for a way out, they couldn't find it. Then they turned in fear at the punks upon hearing Paul's tommy gun clicking)

Pinkie Pie: (Whispering to her friends) Remember when I said it's fun? I take it back immediately!

Paul: Sign-off time, Elise Oriana and gals.

(Just when he was about to pull the trigger slowly while Elise's group hugged each other in fear of getting killed, something struck the tommy gun, shattering it, much to Elise's group and the punks' surprise. It was a bo stick with sharp knives engraved in it like a Swiss army knife)

Boy's voice: Chill out, gangsta!

(Then Joe K. and Moe noticed another shadowy figure wielding a pair of sais and prepared to fight them with their Arabian swords when....)

Gruff guy's voice: Hey, watch it with those things, pals!

(Angered at his tommy gun being destroyed, Paul glared at the shadowy figure wielding the bo stick)

Paul: Hey, whoever you are, you are dead!

(He grabs the bo stick, but then the shadowy figure flipped him aside into a wall, knocking him back. Joe K. and Moe meanwhile attempted to strike down the other shadowy figure with the sais when another shadowy figure appeared behind them like it was magic and kicked them down next to Paul. Then a few more shadowy figures appeared, with the lead one wielding a pair of katanas and the smaller figure wielding a pair of nunchuks. Mummymon prepared to hit the lead shadowy figure with his cane, but the lead shadowy figure spin-dashed at him and slashed his cane down with one of his katanas. Then the lead shadowy figure slashed his other katana at Arukenimon's whip, ripping it in half much to her shock. Then Kent pulled a long chain out to whip the shadowy figures, but the bo stick-wielding shadowy figure swiped the chain away and then another shadowy figure swooped at Kent's feet and kicked him down. Not seeing their rescuers clearly due to them being in the shadows, Elise's group watched in amazement. Then another shadowy figure swooped down at Mummymon and punched him down next to Paul, Joe K., and Moe. Angered at this, Arukenimon, Kent, Ricky, and the three punks charged at the shadowy figures, but then another shadowy figure froze them in place like psychic magic and then another shadowy figure knocked the villains down with its flaming claws next to the other knocked down villains. Once all of the punks are beaten down, they struggled to get up angrily and just when Mummymon was about to grab his broken cane, something stung him in the rear)

Younger boy's voice: Whoa, weird looking guys.

Cool boy's voice: Yeah, and they dress funny too.

(Noticing them talking, the punks got surprised and ran away)

Paul: You may have won this time, but we'll get you for this!

(Then with that, the punks left. Elise's group then turned to their shadowy rescuers and spoke up)

Elise: We don't know who you are yet, but thanks.

Elise's group: Yeah, thank you.

(Suddenly, the shadowy figures prepared to leave when Pinkie Pie ran up to them and stopped them)

Pinkie Pie: Wait! Who are you? Come show yourselves.

(Silence, then the shadowy figures reluctantly exposed themselves into the light, revealing themselves to be 19 animals and a robot, surprising Elise's group. The first animal is a 17 year old male hedgehog with blue fur, peach skin, green eyes, a black nose, blue spiky quills, and wearing white gloves, and red and white shoes with a yellow buckle, and the one wielding the katanas and the one with the cool boy voice. He is Sonic the Hedgehog. The second animal is an 8 year old male two-tailed fox with gold yellow fur, white fur patches, blue eyes, a black nose, and wearing white gloves and red and white shoes, and the one wielding the bo stick, and the one with the boy voice. He is Miles "Tails" Prower. The third animal is a 16 year old male echidna with red fur, long red dreadlock-like quills, a white crescent moon symbol on his chest, peach skin, a black nose, purple eyes, and wearing white gloves with two spikes on the knuckles, and red and yellow shoes with green ankle rims, and the one who punched Mummymon down. He is Knuckles the Echidna. The fourth animal is a 12 year old female pink hedgehog with short pink hair-like quills, peach skin, a black nose, green eyes, and wearing a red hairband, a red sleeveless back-exposed turtleneck dress with a white neck and skirt rim, white gloves with yellow rims, and red and white boots, and sometimes wielding a huge yellow hammer with red rims called a Piko-Piko Hammer. She is Amy Rose. The fifth animal is an 8 year old female plant-like creature with light green skin, green hair with fuchsia almost-budding roses on each side, aqua blue eyes, and wearing a green long-sleeved dress with a white, petal-like skirt with green tips at the ends, white stockings, and green ballet slippers. She is Cosmo the Seedrian. The sixth animal is an 11 year old female echidna with orange fur, orange braids with white bandages, peach skin, green eyes, and wearing a gold headband, a matching necklace and armband on her right shoulder, a white bandana tied on her left arm, a white cropped tanktop, white gloves with cobalt blue rims, a yellow tribal skirt with beige, green, and red triangular patterns, and white sandals. She is Tikal. The seventh animal is a male strict and brood-looking hedgehog with black fur, red markings all over his body, black curved spiky quills with red markings, tan skin, red eyes, a black nose, a white wing-shaped patch of fur on his chest, and wearing white gloves with red rims and gold ring bracelets, and white hover shoes with red, yellow and black rims, and the one who magically appeared behind Joe K. and Moe and kicked them down. He is Shadow the Hedgehog. The eighth animal is a female bat with white fur, tan skin, black bat wings, blue eyeshadow, dark aqua blue eyes, a black nose, and wearing a black tubetop-like sleeveless jumpsuit, a pink heart-shaped brooch, white arm gloves with pink rims, and white high-heeled boots with pink rims and pink heart symbols at the feet, and the one who kicked Kent down. She is Rouge the Bat. The ninth animal is a psychokinetic male hedgehog with silver white fur, tan skin, gold eyes, a black nose, silver white wavy spiky quills, a white patch of fur on his chest, and wearing white gloves with gold rims and aqua blue light-up linings on his palms, and rims, and white boots with black and aqua blue markings, gold ankle rims with a pink gem, and an aqua blue light-up lining on the ankle rims, and the one who froze the punks in place with those powers. He is Silver the Hedgehog. The tenth animal is a pyrokinetic female cat with light purple fur, spiky light purple quills with purple tips tied in a ponytail, white patches on her muzzle, a black nose, a tiny oval-shaped red gem on the forehead, gold eyes, a purple tip on her tail, and wearing a purple long-sleeved dress-like/jacket-like shirt with a gold neck rim, pink skirt rim, white pants, white sleeve rim ruffles on her wrists and ankles, and pink high-heeled shoes with white rims, and the one who flame-clawed the punks down. She is Blaze the Cat. The eleventh animal is a 6 year old female rabbit with light orange fur, orange markings on her head, eyes, and ear tips, a black nose, white skin, dark orange eyes, and wearing an orange sleeveless dress with a white Peter Pan collar, a blue ribbon on her neck collar, white gloves with a yellow cufflink, white socks, and orange and yellow shoes. She is Cream the Rabbit. The twelfth animal is a male creature with blue skin, yellow markings and a yellow ball floating above his teardrop-shaped head, royal blue eyes, small pink angel-like wings, and wearing a red bowtie. He is Cheese the Chao, Cream's best friend. The thirteenth animal is a big and chubby male cat with purple fur, yellow eyes, a black nose, dark purple stripes, white patches of fur, and wearing an orange belt with a yellow buckle, light orange gloves, and royal blue boots with orange rims, and sometimes carried a fishing pole. He is Big the Cat. The fourteenth animal is a male frog with green skin, dark green lines, light green underbelly, and yellow eyes. He is Froggy, Big's best friend. The fifteenth animal is a strict-looking male chameleon with purple scales, peach skin, a yellow horn on his forehead, yellow eyes, black small spikes on his back, and wearing white gloves with purple diamond-shaped symbols on them, black wristband-like containers containing ninja stars, black ankle gauntlets with white wrappings, and purple shoes with black rims. He is Espio the Chameleon, a member of Team Chaotix. The sixteenth animal is a 6 year old male bumblebee with black and peach skin, a black and yellow striped rear and antennae, yellow eyes, a black nose, clear blue bee wings, a white stinger, and wearing a black aviator helmet with a red rim and with orange and black goggles, white gloves with black rims, an orange zip-up sleeveless shirt with black shoulder rims, a white neck rim, and a yellow bumblebee symbol on the side, black pants, and orange and white shoes, and the one wielding the nunchuks and the one with the younger boy voice. He is Charmy Bee, another member of Team Chaotix. The seventeenth animal is a male crocodile with green scales, a green and light yellow crocodile beak and light yellow underbelly, orange eyes, red block-like spikes on his back and tail, light green arms, and wearing black headphones on his head, a gold chain necklace, black shoulder rims, white gloves with black rims with a yellow lining and buckle, and black shoes with white and yellow linings, and the one with the gruff guy voice. He is Vector the Crocodile, the last member of Team Chaotix. The eighteenth animal is a 16 year old male wolf with red fur, peach-colored skin, a black nose, blue eyes, short spiky red hair, and wearing a pair of brown aviator goggles on his light brown newsboy hat with his ears sticking out of the holes on top, a black tanktop, a brown sleeveless vest, white gloves, dark blue shorts, white socks, and brown cargo boots, and sometimes wields a bow and arrows. He is Max the Wolf. And the last animal is a 15 year old female wolf with white pink fur, light peach-colored skin, a black nose, light blue eyes, short curved white pink hair, and wearing a purple tanktop, white fingerless gloves, blue shorts, white socks, and red low-heeled boots, and wields a clawshot-like grappling hook that shoots a black stringed grappling hook from her left wrist to latch onto something. She is Kayla the Wolf. And the robot with them is a male red, black, silver, and yellow armored robot with a green gem on his belly and toes, red electronic eyes, and a red omega symbol on his left shoulder. He is E-123 Omega. Anyway, after seeing their appearances finally and getting surprised, Elise's group stuttered until Knuckles interrupted them)

Knuckles: (To Elise's group) Bingo. (To his friends) We're dealing with a real mind here.

(Elise's group suddenly shut down in a panic)

Elise's group: Oh, boy....

(Then they fainted. At the electronic room's TV monitor, the villainous figures saw the whole thing that took place in the sewers and watched as the animals and robot approached the unconscious Elise's group)

Charmy: (On-screen) Aw, they're no fun.

Vector: (On-screen) Well, they obviously fainted.

(Then the tall male figure wearing a vampirish cape spoke up in shock)

Tall male figure: What the devil?

(Back in the sewers, Elise's group slowly woke up and noticed they are now laying in a huge air mattress in a huge room)

Elise's group: What?

Rarity: Where are we?

(Then, two figures approached them. The first figure is a male rat creature with blonde fur, short spiky hair, aqua green eyes, and wearing a dark purple sleeveless turtleneck jumpsuit, a silver metal bulky shoulder plate on his left shoulder, brown leather suspenders, a thick leather brown belt. brown fingerless leather gloves with metal gauntlet-like wristbands, and black boots, and sometimes wielded a huge thick bladed sword called the Buster Sword. He is Cloud Strife. And the other figure is a female rat creature with light brown fur, long hair tied in a braid by a big red hair ribbon, green eyes, and is wearing a red short-sleeved jacket over a pink sleeveless zipped-up dress, gold bracelets, a black stringed choker, and brown boots, and sometimes wielded a stave called the Guard Stick. She is Aerith Gainsborough, Cloud's wife. Anyway, Aerith held out a tray of hot tea to Elise's group)

Aerith: Some hot tea?

Cloud: It's good for you.

(Seeing Cloud and Aerith's appearances, Elise's group panicked)

Elise: More creatures?!

(She faints, much to her group's concern as the animals, Omega, Cloud, and Aerith saw this in confusion)

Knuckles: I wished she'd stop doing that.

(Then Silver walked up to Elise and shook her to wake her up)

Silver: Come on, lady. Wake up.

(Blaze walks up to him)

Blaze: Silver, don't you know who she and her group are?

(Realizing why Blaze is asking him that, Silver sensed them and realized)

Silver: Oh, yeah! Elise Oriana III and her friends, the Mane Seven and the Dazzlings, reporters from Channel Six.

Rainbow Dash: How did you know?

Silver: I sensed it with my powers.

Blaze: And watched you on TV at times.

(Silver shakes Elise awake and this time, Elise wakes up and upon seeing Silver, she shrieked, much to Knuckles' annoyance)

Knuckles: Hey, it's tough trying to carry on a conversation with you, you know?

(Tikal calmed him)

Tikal: Relax. They're just scared.

(Then Shadow and Rouge comes in, with Shadow carrying a tray of sushi to Elise's group)

Shadow: Perhaps some food would aid the young ladies' powers of speech.

Rouge: Like Cloud and Aerith taught us before.

(Seeing the sushi, Elise's group took each one. Then Charmy comes in carrying some trays full of pizza along with Vector carrying a plate carrying a tiramisu)

Charmy: Pizza time!

Vector: And for dessert, tiramisu!

(Glad to hear that, the animals and robot sat at a table nearby and enjoyed their meal)

Big: Who had the pepperoni and chocolate ice cream slice?

(Froggy croaked in agreement)

Big: Here you are, Froggy. Enjoy.

(He gives a pepperoni slice to Froggy, much to his happiness)

Cream: I want some with the jellybeans and mushrooms.

Cheese: (Happily) Chao, chao!

Charmy: Yeah, give me a slice of anchovies and peanut butter.

Espio: I thought you don't like anchovies?

Charmy: Not unless if they have peanut butter on them!

(After eating their piece of sushi, Elise's group, overhearing this, grossed out)

Aria: This is seriously grossing us out.

Elise's group: Yeah.

Vector: They talk, they walk.

Rarity: How could you eat that junk on your pizzas?

Amy: How could you eat raw fish? Yuck!

(Shadow clears his throat, making Amy change her answer)

Amy: If it has good seasoning, then it's good. Yum!

Sonic: (Changing the subject to his friends) Hold it, guys. (To Elise's group) Now, girls, would you like to tell us why those men were chasing you around the sewers?

Charmy: Yeah, we don't get many humans down here.

(Espio elbows him)

Charmy: (To himself) Ow! (To Espio) Well, we don't!

(Elise's group gets up)

Elise: Well, we were doing a story about a bunch of thefts at scientific equipment companies.

(Rainbow Dash interrupted her)

Rainbow Dash: Hey, wait a minute! We're sitting here talking to a bunch of strange animals and a robot!

Elise: And their two rats?

Sunset Shimmer: Come to think of it, who are you?

Elise: And where did you come from?

(Understanding that Elise's group deserves answers, Cloud and Aerith began)

Cloud: Perhaps Aerith and I can best explain.

Aerith: The story of our young friends and us is really the story of a man named Squall Leonhart and a woman named Rinoa Heartilly.

(Then we crossfade to a dojo class in Tokyo, Japan from 14 years ago. Inside, a man is watching calmly and proudly at his students training under his wing. He is a 28 year old man with short brown spiky hair, blue eyes, a long healed slash-like scar across his face above his nose bridge, and wearing a white tanktop underneath a black leather jacket with white wool on the neck rim, a silver metal lion-like pendant, black leather gloves, three brown belts with a silver lion brooch attaching them on the waist, black pants, a black leather sash on his waist with white wool at the waist, and black boots, and sometimes wielded a silver metal gun-like sword. He is Squall Leonhart. Near him watching this proudly as well is a 26 year old woman with long shoulder-length black hair, gray blue eyes, and wearing a black cami tanktop underneath a light blue long sleeveless cloak-like jacket, blue knit gauntlet-like wristbands, a black ribbon tied around her left shoulder, a blue jean miniskirt over black zippered shorts, and black leather boots. She is Rinoa Heartilly, Squall's wife)

Cloud: (Voice-over) In Japan, there is a ninja clan known as the Gauntlet. Squall Leonhart and his faithful wife, Rinoa Heartilly, were their shidoshis, which is teachers of the warrior ways of enlightenment.

(Then we see Squall and Rinoa enjoying a good art book in their room)

Aerith: (Voice-over) Squall was even a quiet man normally who loved art.

(Then we crossfade to Squall and his student training kendo together as Rinoa, now pregnant, is watching proudly. Near them are three male students, two male dojo teachers and another female dojo teacher watching silently and in calm anger. The first male student is a teenage boy with short black slick hair, blue eyes, and wearing a black, green, and gold training kimono. He is Loki. The second male student is a man with a bald head with black side hair, and a black beard and mustache, a pale blue N tattoo on his forehead, and wearing a white and black training kimono. He is Dr. Neo Cortex. The last male student is another man with bald head, a medium sized pink nose, a big orange mustache, and wearing a red, gold, and black training kimono. He is Dr. Eggman. The first male dojo teacher is a vampire-type Digimon with short dirty blond hair, red eyes, pale gray skin, and wearing a red bat-shaped eyemask and a blue and red kimono. He is Myotismon. And the last male dojo teacher is a 30 year old man with a strict-looking face, long hip-length white hair, aqua green eyes, and wearing a black kimono. He is Sephiroth. And the woman has short pale purple spiky hair, pale blue eyes, and wearing a purple and red kimono. She is Hunter J, Myotismon's wife)

Cloud: (Voice-over) But three students and three other teachers sought to usurp the couple's leadership of the Gauntlet Clan.

Aerith: (Voice-over) Especially after Rinoa dumped one of the teachers and married Squall.

(Then something cuts down Squall's kendo stick with a long thin katana-like sword called a Masamune. It was Sephiroth, who smirked evilly and calmly at this, satisfied. Even Loki, Cortex, Eggman, Myotismon, and Hunter J saw this with calm amusement with evil smirks while Squall and Rinoa glared calmly at them)

Cloud and Aerith: (Voice-over) Loki, Dr. Neo Cortex, Dr. Eggman, Myotismon, Hunter J, and the teacher that was dumped by Rinoa, named Sephiroth.

(Then we crossfade to Squall watching proudly and calmly at Rinoa happily holding a baby in her arms)

Cloud: (Voice-over) Eventually, Squall and Rinoa gave birth to a baby girl and hoped one day, she will follow their footsteps.

(Then we fade to black)

Aerith: (Voice-over) But one day, it would never happen.

Cloud: (Voice-over) That's right.

(Then we fade to another day to reveal two dojo guards and a sensei entering the dojo to greet the teachers and students)

Cloud: (Voice-over) For one day, a master sensei, which means teacher, visited the Gauntlet School in that dojo, and Loki's group made their move secretly behind their backs.

(After Loki's group secretly nods at Sephiroth, the brooding teacher then secretly placed two daggers blade-point on Squall and Rinoa's jackets. Then everyone, except Squall and Rinoa who struggled to bow down due to the knife, bowed down to the sensei. Then the two dojo guards got angry at Squall and Rinoa)

Dojo guard 1: Impudent dogs! Bow before our beloved master!

Squall: But there's something....

Dojo guard 2: No excuses!

(Squall and Rinoa then removed the knives from their jackets and the dojo guards and sensei got shocked and then angry)

Dojo guard 1: So, you both plot to kill our honorable sensei?!

Squall and Rinoa: No!

Squall: We didn't have this knife!

Rinoa: Honest!

(But the sensei and his guards don't believe them)

Dojo guard 2: Disgraceful!

Dojo guard 1: And dishonor!

Dojo guard 2: For this misdeed, you both should be banished from the Gauntlet Clan altogether!

(Then they turned to the sensei for support)

Dojo guard 1: What say you, All-Wise Sensei? Should they be banished?

Dojo guard 2: Should they?

(Then the sensei spoke in Japanese before speaking English)

Sensei: I say throw the bums out!

(Then Squall and Rinoa returned to their house to pack up to move away in banishment when they found the house ransacked and their baby daughter gone. Then they see Sephiroth get away with their crying baby in his arm)

Aerith: (Voice-over) And to make matters worse, Squall and Rinoa's daughter was abducted by Sephiroth, for he claimed he would be a better parent than any of them.

Cloud: (Voice-over) They tried to save her, but Sephiroth outmaneuvered them and escaped with their newborn child.

(Then we crossfade to the sewers of New York City)

Cloud: (Voice-over) After this, Squall and Rinoa fled to America, right here in this city.

Aerith: (Voice-over) Eventually, they became penniless because they couldn't find a job easily. So they were forced to live in these sewers.

Cloud: (Voice-over) In these underground tunnels, Squall and Rinoa's only friends were the rats.

(Then we crossfade to Squall and Rinoa, 14 years later, meditating when they see a lone male bumblebee flying around aimlessly in the sewers. They looked at where he's flying and discovered some stray animals, consisting four baby hedgehogs, three males and one female, a male fox cub, two baby echidnas, one male and one female, two kittens, one male and one female, a female baby bat, a male baby chameleon, a male baby crocodile, two wolf pups, a male and female, a female baby rabbit carrying a strange-looking egg, a strange-looking female flower, a male frog, and a lifeless male robot)

Cloud: (Voice-over) Until one day, some new friends came from a mysterious drain for unknown reasons.

(Then we crossfade to Squall and Rinoa happily caring for the animals and now revived friendly robot)

Aerith: (Voice-over) And they were a bunch of harmless orphaned baby animals and a harmless male robot. So, to make up for losing their daughter, Squall and Rinoa took them in and raised them like they were their children instead.

(Then we crossfade to Tokyo where the Gauntlet Clan, in armor, are attacking the city by doing crime. Among the soldiers is a 14 year old girl with short black hair, brown eyes, and is wearing a black and white bandana around the forehead, a green turtleneck cropped tanktop, orange fingerless gloves with netting-designed arm gloves, a right silver shoulder plate with a green cloth hanging from the orange button over a beige sleeved cloth over her right arm and hand, beige shorts, netting-designed stocking attached to silver suspenders on the right leg, beige long socks, and orange shoes, and sometimes wielded a huge silver shuriken. She is Yuffie Kisaragi. And watching this are Loki's group. Loki is now wearing a gold horned helmet, a black, green, and gold long-sleeved coat over a black, green, and gold long-sleeved jumpsuit and black boots. Cortex is now wearing a white sleeveless lab coat over a black long-sleeved jumpsuit, yellow lab gloves, and dark blue boots. Eggman is now wearing a pair of silver goggles on his bald head, dark blue sunglasses, a red scientist-like jacket with white linings and yellow buttons and rims, white gloves, and a black bodily jumpsuit underneath. Myotismon is now wearing a blue long-sleeved jumpsuit with red bat symbols on his shoulders, yellow buttons and rims, olive green belts on the waist, green sleeve rims with yellow buttons, a yellow bat shaped brooch holding a black cape with red trimming, gray gloves with light gray bat symbols on them, and black boots with silver skull symbols on the feet. Hunter J is now wearing a dark purple tunic with a right arm sleeve over a red bodily jumpsuit, a metal armor gauntlet on the left arm by her hand, red fingerless gloves, a light purple belt, and red knee-high boots, and sometimes carried a pair of dark brown scanner-like sunglasses. And Sephiroth is now wearing a black long long-sleeved coat, black pants, black boots, a pair of black belts crossed around his torso in an X shape, silver shoulder pads, and black gloves. And next to Loki's group is a 15 year old boy wearing a black armor-like helmet with a black glass dome, and mostly wore a black and red bodily vein-like tunic, red gauntlets, black gloves, a dark red belt around the waist, and two dark red belts criss-crossing in front underneath the first belt, black and red vein-like pants, pale dark red leg boots, and sometimes wields a black and red evil-looking Keyblade with two blue reptile-like eyes. He is Vanitas, Myotismon and Hunter J's son)

Cloud: (Voice-over) Back in Japan, under Loki's group's new evil leadership, which led to the murder of the sensei and his guards upon their discovery of the truth behind Squall and Rinoa's banishment, the Gauntlet Clan turned into an army of crime.

Aerith: (Voice-over) And to make matters worse, Squall and Rinoa discovered that their daughter, now named Yuffie Kisaragi, now knows that Sephiroth is not her real father, but now she was tricked by him into believing that her real parents were murdered. But thankfully, she suspects that Sephiroth might be lying to her.

Cloud: (Voice-over) And with Loki's group, from what Squall and Rinoa heard, Myotismon and Hunter J has a son named Vanitas.

(Loki's group smirked evilly at the sight of the Gauntlet Clan spreading terror through their crimes. Then we crossfade back to New York City where Squall and Rinoa and their animal friends and robot friend are enjoying their new life in the sewers)

Cloud: (Voice-over) Back in New York, Squall and Rinoa lived happily with their rats, new animals, plant creature, and robot, whom they named Cosmo the Seedrian and E-123 Omega respectively. Even the egg hatched into a little creature called a Chao, and he immediately bonded with the baby rabbit. But then one day....

(Then we crossfade to see Squall and Rinoa returning to their room from getting lunch and saw to their shock, the 18 animals, Cosmo, Omega, and Chao friend covered in a puddle of glowing green ooze)

Cloud: (Voice-over) They found their friends covered in a glowing ooze from a puddle of it that wasn't there before.

(Squall and Rinoa got concerned)

Commercial break

(Back in the present day, Elise's group started to become interested in the story)

Elise: So, Squall and Rinoa found the animals, Cosmo, Omega, and the little Chao covered with goo that wasn't there before?

Vector: Bingo! Plot twist alert!

Knuckles: You get the feeling all of this is starting to lead somewhere?

(Elise's group nods. Then we crossfade back to the past when Squall and Rinoa ran up to the ooze covered animals, Cosmo, Omega, and the Chao in concern and then cleaned the ooze off of them. Later, Squall and Rinoa accidentally cut their fingers on a barb wire holding their laundry while petting each rat and the ooze went inside their cuts, healing them in the process. It even made the healed scar on Squall's face vanish as well)

Cloud: (Voice-over) It was a powerful substance called Mutagen. It causes whoever touched it to take on a form of whatever animal they had most recently been in contact with.

Aerith: (Voice-over) And it'll also work if the Mutagen and the blood of whoever comes in contact with it along with the animal is mixed together, or vise-versa with the animal's blood and the person.

(Then the next morning, from Squall and Rinoa's point of view, they slowly woke up and found their animal friends, Cosmo, Omega, and the Chao now in anthro forms, looking at them in curiosity and interest)

Cloud: (Voice-over) The next morning, Cosmo, Omega, the Chao, and the animals took on humanoid forms and changed their coloration as well. And, surprisingly enough, the three male hedgehogs gained superpowers, one of them having permanent psychokinesis, which is psychic powers, and the female cat permanent pyrokinesis, which is fire powers, from the Mutagen's side effects.

(Then Squall and Rinoa reached out to their mutated friends in wonder at first, but then, they reacted upon seeing their arms looking rat-like, as if shocked)

Aerith: (Voice-over) And they weren't the only ones that changed by the Mutagen.

(Then Squall and Rinoa's point of view ended upon them running up to a nearby mirror and found themselves as mutant anthro rats)

Elise: (Voice-over) So, me and my friends' guess; Squall and Rinoa are actually you two rats.

Silver: (Voice-over) You got minds like steel traps.

(Then later, Squall and Rinoa, now called Cloud and Aerith, are practicing their fighting skills with their Buster Sword and Guard Stick on some dummies)

Cloud: (Voice-over) Our 20 friends then accepted us as their wise teachers and in return, we accepted them as our students.

Aerith: (Voice-over) And me and Squall chose, along with our friends, to change our names to Aerith Gainsborough and Cloud Strife respectively because those names felt cool for our forms.

Cloud: (Voice-over) And me and Rinoa AKA Aerith gave our friends names. Except Cosmo and Omega, who have names already. But Aerith and I knew the outside world would consider us and our friends freaks, so we trained them in the art of ninjitsu.

Aerith: (Voice-over) And here's the introductions of our friends.

(During Omega, Cosmo, the Chao, and the animals' introductions, Cloud narrated them. And in the order are Tails, Cosmo, Knuckles, Tikal, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Silver, Blaze, Big, Froggy, Cream, Cheese, Max, Kayla, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Amy, and Sonic)

Cloud: (Voice-over) Miles Prower; Whose simple wooden bo stick can disarm any adversary, and a great intelligent mechanic and inventor.

Tails: (Voice-over) But they call me Tails because of my two tails.

Cloud: (Voice-over) Cosmo the Seedrian; She can heal any wounds and injuries.

Cosmo: (Voice-over) That's right.

Cloud: (Voice-over) Knuckles the Echidna; The fierce boxing fighter ever to exist like Jackie Chan.

Knuckles: (Voice-over) But beware of my spiky knuckles, hence my name.

Cloud: (Voice-over) Tikal; The voice of reason to prevent conflict between her friends.

Tikal: (Voice-over) And to keep them out of trouble.

Cloud: (Voice-over) Vector the Crocodile; No sword on Earth can withstand his sais.

Vector: (Voice-over) Or my cool attitudes.

Cloud: (Voice-over) Espio the Chameleon; A stealthy warrior with his powerful ninja stars.

Espio: (Voice-over) And enemies can be surprised by my sneak attacks.

Cloud: (Voice-over) Charmy Bee; Master of the whirling nunchuks.

Charmy: (Voice-over, giggles) And master of the whirling pizzas, tiramisu, and s'mores!

Cloud: (Voice-over) Silver the Hedgehog; His psychokinesis can levitate anything and anyone with his mind.

Silver: (Voice-over) And I also have telepathy, making me read minds.

Cloud: (Voice-over) Blaze the Cat; Her pyrokinesis can burn through any powerful metal that comes in her way.

Blaze: (Voice-over) Even scratchposts don't stand a chance against me.

Cloud: (Voice-over) Big the Cat; He may be lazy sometimes, but he is always willing to get up and help those in need.

Big: (Voice-over) And I love to fish.

Cloud: (Voice-over) Froggy; Big's frog friend who has a heart of gold.

(Froggy croaks in agreement in the background)

Cloud: (Voice-over) Cream the Rabbit; Besides Charmy, she is a great cook and baker and she, like Tails, have great flight skills.

Cream: (Voice-over) And Cosmo and I love flowers.

Cloud: (Voice-over) Cheese the Chao; A great cooking and baking partner for Cream.

Cheese: (Voice-over, happily) Chao, chao!

Cloud: (Voice-over) Max the Wolf; A skilled archer who has the skill of a hawkeye.

Max: (Voice-over) Just like Hawkeye and Legolas.

Cloud: (Voice-over) Kayla the Wolf; She can swing around with her shooting grappling hook like Spiderman.

Kayla: (Voice-over) And my favorite superhero, besides Wonder Woman, Batman.

Cloud: (Voice-over) Shadow the Hedgehog; His teleporting Chaos Control is the perfect way to sneak attack along with Espio.

Shadow: (Voice-over) And I take things seriously, sometimes.

Cloud: (Voice-over) Rouge the Bat; She may have a keen passion for jewelry, but she cares about us and her spy work and kicks, along with kickboxing, are powerful.

Rouge: (Voice-over) Like James Bond and Bruce Lee respectively.

Cloud: (Voice-over) E-123 Omega; His blasters are powerful enough to blast enemies away.

Omega: (Voice-over) And, like all of you, have emotions as well.

Cloud: (Voice-over) Amy Rose; No enemy can escape her strikes from her Piko-Piko Hammer.

Amy: (Voice-over) And I do it to protect my friends.

Cloud: (Voice-over) And lastly, Sonic the Hedgehog; His swordsmanship with his katanas, supersonic speed, and spindashes are unmatched.

Sonic: (Voice-over) That's right. And I'm the leader of the team.

(Back in the present, Cloud and Aerith concluded their story)

Cloud: And that is how they became, by our team name idea, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians.

Aerith: It may be a four word team name, but we accepted it regardless. Or if you want it short, nickname them sometimes as TMNM.

(The story finished, Elise asked away)

Elise: So, do you know who dropped that Mutagen on you?

Sonic: Nope. Like Cloud and Aerith said, it's a mystery.

Silver: Even my powers and Omega's scanners don't know who the culprit is.

Shadow: But one day, we're gonna find the culprit, whoever he or she is, and force him, or her, to make our masters humans once more.

Charmy: So, what do you think?

(Elise's group softened a bit)

Trixie: My guess; We're not dreaming about it, right?

Cloud, Aerith, and TMNM: Nope.

Silver: It's real.

(After contemplating, Elise's group got up)

Elise: Well, I guess we'll have to find our news crew and with your help, get our story.

Tails: But what concerns us is that if you put us on TV, then every scientist in town will be after us.

Cosmo: Tails is right.

Vector: We spent our childhood walking on fours or crawling around the sewers, and we can't go back to that.

Rainbow Dash: And your point is?

Tails: The point being is that you girls are staying with us for a while until we work this out.

(Elise's group thought it over)

Cream: Miss Elise, girls, please?

(Elise's group gave in)

Elise's group: Alright.

Twilight Sparkle: I guess we'll figure something out about it.

(Suddenly, they heard footsteps approaching the lair. After arming themselves and guarding Elise's group along with Cloud and Aerith, the TMNM stood their ground. Suddenly, to their surprise, Tai's group comes in, as if jumping in to surprise them. Then they noticed Cloud, Aerith, and the TMNM and got surprised)

Joe: Is it just me or are we seeing strange animals?

Knuckles: Nope.

TK: Whoa! And they can talk?

(Then Elise's group approached them)

Fluttershy: And not to worry, they're friendly.

Starlight: They even rescued us.

Espio: And we just taught them of our origin.

Tai's group: What origin?

(Elise's group nods at Cloud and Aerith to explain the whole thing again, to which they nod in agreement. Elsewhere the next morning at Channel Six itself, Seifer is talking with a 44 year old man with short gray hair with the bottom edge colored white, a black mustache, blue eyes, and wearing a blue business suit, a white long-sleeved business shirt underneath, a red tie, a black belt, slate gray pants, and black shoes. He is J. Jonah Jamieson, the news crew's boss)

Jamieson: Where the devil are Elise and Tai's groups? They've been almost gone a day!

Seifer: Well, it's not like Elise's group was irreplaceable or anything. Even though Tai's group is tolerable.

(Jamieson points at a TV screen viewing a news reporter explaining another robbery)

Jamieson: Look at that; Another high-tech warehouse hit last night. This story's heating up, and I have to lose my second best reporters.

Seifer: Elise's group wasn't your second best reporters.

Jamieson: Well, third best. Maybe. Maybe not.

(Back in the sewer lair, Elise and Tai's groups are sitting around with their new friends, trying to think of something to do with Elise's group's story. Even Tai's group are already briefed about Cloud/Squall, Aerith/Rinoa, and the TMNM's origin and have agreed to help figure out their plan. Suddenly, Charmy brightened up)

Charmy: Hey, I got it! Why don't we have a little secret interview with them?

Knuckles: Try again, Mr. Wizard.

Blaze: Look, it's not like a simple walk in the park.

Sonic: Then why don't we find these ninja thieves for our human friends?

Shadow: (Agreeing) And perhaps they could help us find a cure for Cloud and Aerith's condition.

Elise: If it could get us me and my group's story, then count us in.

Elise and Tai's groups: Yeah.

Silver: Don't worry, we'll help get your story.

Tails: Just make sure you leave us out of it.

Knuckles: Now, wait a minute. We're gonna help each other?

Elise's group: Yeah.

Tai's group: So what?

Knuckles: Well, uh, no offense, guys, but you're humans.

Rouge: Exactly.

Sonic: They can get into places we can't.

Tikal: What do you think, Knuckles?

(Knuckles thought it over and agreed)

Knuckles: Well, I guess anything's worth a try, no matter how weird.

Vector: Then it's settled?

Group: (Nods) Settled!

Kari: And with our mutant friends by our side, we'll be safe from the thieves.

Amy: You betcha, Kari! We'll make sure you don't get hurt or killed.

Omega: Consider us your bodyguards.

(Meanwhile at the electronic room, Kent, Paul, Ricky, Joe K., Moe, Dale, Tucker, Arukenimon, and Mummymon are reporting their defeat to their "mysterious enemies" to the figures, now revealed to be Loki's group, consisting Loki, Cortex, Eggman, Sephiroth, Myotismon, Hunter J, and even Vanitas, still wearing his helmet)

Kent: Those 20 weirdos beat the pants off of us, Mr. Loki. Sorry.

Hunter J: We know that, you idiots.

Eggman: Did you get a good look at them?

Cortex: And did they look like animals and a robot?

(The henchmen hesitated and then Joe K. spoke up)

Joe K.: We didn't get such good looks, you know?

Moe: Yeah. They were mostly in the shadows.

(Angered, Loki's group sighed in annoyance)

Myotismon: Just get out, you cretins!

Loki: Now!

(The henchmen then left as Loki's group turned to the blank TV monitor)

Eggman: They could've been animals and a robot.

Cortex: We must know.

Loki: But the question is, who are they?

(Suddenly, a familiar girl comes in in confusion. It is Yuffie)

Yuffie: You called, Masters?

(Noticing her, they ushered to come)

Sephiroth: Yes. We have a new mission for you.

Yuffie: Does it involve stealing again?

(Then Vanitas finally spoke calmly with his arms crossed)

Vanitas: You darn right it is.

Loki: And besides, think of what happened with how your real parents were killed like we told you.

Yuffie: I know. They were thieves like us, but they were killed by mysterious ninjas. Anyway, that still doesn't tell me who those killers are.

(Thinking of something secretly after hearing her say that and then turning their backs on her, Loki's group thought up an idea and smirked evilly, although Vanitas' can't be seen due to his helmet. Then they turned to her again, still smirking evilly)

Vanitas: Well, Loki, Sephiroth, Cortex, Eggman, Mother, and Father did finally find out who killed them.

Yuffie: Then who did?

(Meanwhile in the sewers, our heroes were walking back to the spot where the TMNM rescued Elise's group)

Silver: All right, let's check out the spot where we fought those punks.

Tails: Maybe they left a clue behind.

Vector: Are you out of your fur, Tails? Come on, you think those punks would just leave evidence lying around?

(Later, they returned to the spot and looked around)

Rouge: We're not gonna find anything here.

(Suddenly, Tails noticed a piece of paper lying on the ground and after picking it up, lets Knuckles observed it)

Knuckles: "Ninja Pizza." Well, what do you know?

Charmy: Wow! Do you realize what this is?

Tails: (Guessing) The crucial piece of evidence we were looking for?

Espio: (Guessing) The clue which will lead us to the heart of the evil ninja empire?

Elise: (Guessing) And lead us to me and my group's story?

Charmy: No, even better! It's a place where we can get pizza!

Vector: Right on!

(Tai's group chuckled awkwardly at them)

Matt: You really love pizza, huh?

Sonic: Heck, it's our favorite food along with tiramisu and (Winks at Charmy) s'mores.

Twilight Sparkle: Okay. let's go head up there and check it out.

(She was about to go on ahead when Tails stopped her)

Tails: No, no, Twilight Sparkle. It's too dangerous.

(Then Silver got stern, agreeing with Tails)

Silver: Tails is right. You wouldn't last five minutes in a ninja pizza parlor.

(Then Silver casted his seriousness away and turned to us readers)

Silver: I love saying lines like that.

(Even Shadow agreed with Tails)

Shadow: We'd better go with you, guys.

Knuckles: That's right.

Vector: And besides, we're hungry!

(Despite understanding the TMNM's decision, Elise and Tai's group got concerned)

Elise: Look, guys. If you draw a lot of attention, we'll be in big trouble.

Tai: In Little China.

Joe: This isn't the time for jokes, Tai!

Tai: I was just kidding, Joe!

Joe: I understand, but...!

Tails: Relax! We know all about humans.

Elise and Tai's groups: (Impressed) Well!

Charmy: Well, we watch them a lot on TV all the time.

Adagio: Then we're in big trouble in Little China like Tai said.

(Tai gives Joe a smug "See? Adagio's got your number." look. Then they climb out of the sewers through a manhole, but then, an old woman, walking by with a shopping cart full of groceries, noticed the TMNM and screamed)

Old woman: Monsters!

(She screams again)

Vector: Relax, lady! We....

(Suddenly, to our heroes' shock, the old woman pulled a pistol out of her pocket and after kicking her shopping cart aside, she aimed it at them, making them raise their arms up)

Old woman: One twitch, and you're history, scum! Now back off, nice and easy.

(Deciding to leave her alone for their lives, our heroes quickly backed off with their arms up until they were gone from her sight. Once the coast is clear, our heroes sighed in relief and then Elise and Tai's groups looked at the TMNM in concern)

Applejack: We're gonna get nowhere unless we do something about your looks.

(Then Rarity noticed a clothing store nearby and after huddling Elise and Tai's groups about it, they turned to the TMNM with confident smiles)

Rarity: Wait here.

Izzy: (To TMNM) We'll be back. (To us readers) Almost sounded like the Terminator.

(Then they went to the clothing store while the TMNM waited. Later, the TMNM were dressed in clothing, disguised as humans)

Knuckles: (Imitating Humphrey Bogart after putting a hat on) Here's lookin' at you, kid.

Elise: Well, it's a nice slight improvement.

Sonata: Now, just keep quiet and don't draw attention to yourselves.

Mimi: Which is good advice.

(Later, they walked down the street when they approached a card game vendor sitting at the corner sidewalk with some playing cards. The card vendor then called over to Sonic)

Card vendor: Psst! Yo, my man. Three card monte?

(Sonic got confused)

Card vendor: Cut the cards, slim.

Sonic: (Realizing) Oh! Sure.

(Then Sonic pulled his katana out and cuts a card and the table in half, scaring the card vendor away)

Rainbow Dash: (Sarcastically) Nice going, Shadow! (Seriously) Only half the people on the street saw that.

Sonic: I'm Sonic.

Shadow: And I'm Shadow.

Rainbow Dash: (Realizing) Oh, sorry.

(Then they resumed their walk. As they walked by some vendors, Knuckles noticed a prank toy vendor calling out for customers)

Prank toy vendor: Fake teeth! Goofy noses! Get 'em here!

Knuckles: Hey, guys, why do humans want to make themselves dumber looking than they already are?

Matt: I really don't know, Max.

Knuckles: I'm Knuckles.

Max: And I'm Max.

Matt: (Realizing) Oh, sorry.

(Then they watch a guy walking by, dancing to loud music blasting from a radio boombox he's carrying)

Tails: Guys?

Elise and Tai's groups: Yes?

Tails: Why do humans want to make themselves deaf like that?

Twilight Sparkle: I really have no idea, Charmy.

Tails: I'm Tails.

Charmy: And I'm Charmy.

Twilight Sparkle: (Realizing) Oh, sorry.

(Later, they continued walking until Charmy spoke up)

Charmy: Uh, guys?

Group: What?

Charmy: We're here.

(Then they notice, to their surprise, every sign saying "Ninja" on each of them)

TMNM: Ninja Dry Cleaners?

Tai's group: Ninja Shoe Repairs?

Elise's group: Ninja Video Rentals?

Vector: Ninja Dentist? Ow!

Rouge: I can't put my finger on it, but there's something suspicious about this neighborhood.

(Silver and Omega scanned, but couldn't figure it out)

Omega: Even mine and Silver's scanners can't reveal it.

Silver: Which is a bummer.

(Then spotting the Ninja Pizza Parlor, our heroes go in to find the employees working on some pizzas, ninja style. Then Tai's group and the TMNM got excited while Elise's group got aghast at their excited behavior)

Charmy: Hey, come on!

Mimi: I'm starving, guys!

(Then they, except Elise's group, went towards a booth)

Starlight: (Flatly) Don't you guys think about anything but pizza?

Sonic: Not unless we have to, Starlight.

(Then one of the employees greeted them)

Employee 1: Welcome to Ninja Pizza, Home of the Nice Slice.

(After Tai's group and the TMNM seated, Elise's group looked around in suspicion. There's something familiar about the employees)

Elise: Don't you think there's something a little strange about this place?

Charmy: Boy, I'll say it. They don't have pepperoni here.

Elise: (Whispering) No, I mean those ninjas.

Silver: It's just part of a gag for this parlor.

Vector: I mean, come on, whoever heard of a bunch of ninjas hanging out in a pizzeria?

Tai: Uh, technically, you're a bunch of ninjas, and you're in a pizzeria.

Pinkie Pie: And for that matter, whoever heard of talking animals?

(In the electronic room, Loki's group watched on the TV monitor our heroes in the Ninja Pizza parlor)

Loki: This Elise Oriana III and her group are getting closer to our operation.

Eggman: I blame ourselves.

Hunter J: Tell us about it.

Myotismon: We should not have sent a punk to do a ninja's job there.

(They began pushing some buttons on the console to contact them secretly. Back at Ninja Pizza, the second employee, now revealed to be one of the punks in disguise, brought three large pizzas to Tai's group and the TMNM)

Punk 2: Uh, one sashimi pizza, one whipped cream pizza, and one extra cheese pizza. Eat in good health.

(Once served, the punk left. As they enjoy their meal, with Tai's group enjoying their extra cheese pizza, and the TMNM enjoying both the sashimi and whipped cream pizzas, Tai's group gave awkward looks)

Joe: How could you eat this kind of pizza?

Mimi: It's kind of gross.

Shadow: It may be gross to humans, but not to us.

(Then they noticed that Elise's group is gone)

Tails: Listen, uh, what happened to Elise's group?

Charmy: (Mouth full) I guess they weren't hungry.

(Outside, Elise's group noticed a tall building in suspicion)

Elise's group: Manhattan Security Services.

Rarity: What do they mean, "Security Services?"

(They go up to the glass doors and peeked to see a female secretary having a phone call with someone)

Secretary: Why, of course we can help. We offer protection to many scientific firms throughout the city.

(After she hung up, she then called someone else)

Secretary: Security Team C. Report to reception.

(Elise's group then noticed some Gauntlet Soldiers walking up to the secretary)

Secretary: I've got another scientific equipment company lined up, just waitin' to be cleaned out.

(Then they headed out to do their errand when they noticed Elise's group sneaking away, having now discovered why the robberies were happening in the first place. Then they started to follow them. Unaware of themselves being followed, Elise's group went to a phonebooth and called Ninja Pizza to contact Tai's group)

Rarity: Good thing we read Ninja Pizza's phone number in case something were to happen.

Elise: Yeah.

(Elise dialed the number quickly. At Ninja Pizza, Tai's group just finished their pizzas with the TMNM when the phone rang. Curious, Sora got up and answered it)

Sora: Hello?

(A short pause, then....)

Sora: What?!

(Our heroes got confused)

Shadow: Who is it?

Sora: (To Shadow quietly) Elise's group. (To Elise on the phone) Where do you want to meet?

(At the phonebooth, Elise told her)

Elise: Manhattan Security Services. It's just up the street from where you are.

(A short pause)

Elise: Okay. Bye.

(She hangs up and turned to find her group missing)

Elise: Uh, girls?

(She ran out to look for them)

Elise: If this is a joke, it's not funny!

(No answer)

Elise: Hello? Where are...?

(Suddenly, they heard mumbling. She turned and saw to her horror, her group, gagged and their hands tied behind their backs by the Gauntlet Soldiers. Just when she screamed, a Gauntlet Soldier jumped down from behind her and grabbed her, quieting her)

Commercial break

(Back at Ninja Pizza, Tai's group and the TMNM waited for their check, unaware of what happened to Elise's group)

Sora: I'm concerned about Elise's group.

Sonic: You're not the only one.

(Suddenly, the third punk threw a knife onto the table, carrying a piece of paper)

Silver: What is it, Vector?

Izzy: A threatening note?

Vector: Worse than that.

(He reveals it to be the check)

Vector: It's the check!

(Once their meal payed, Tai's group and the TMNM ran to the location of Manhattan Security Services and once they got there, they find no sign of Elise's group)

Knuckles: Elise, girls?

Kayla: If it's your idea of a joke, it's not funny!

(Suddenly, Shadow noticed something on the ground. He then picked it up and realized what it is)

Shadow: It's a wallet.

(Silver sensed it)

Silver: That's Twilight Sparkle's, alright.

(Knuckles suddenly noticed a press pass card belonging to Applejack laying on the ground and picked it up)

Knuckles: It's Applejack's press pass.

Charmy: (Pointing at a wad of gum) And I got a feeling I recognize that wad of chewing gum anywhere.

(Tai's group and the TMNM glared at Charmy)

Charmy: Just a joke.

Tai: Uh, you get the feeling Elise's group is in trouble?

Tails: Well, either that, or either Applejack or Twilight Sparkle's got a hole in their purses.

(They suddenly notice a purse hanging on the ledge of the roof of an abandoned building)

Silver: Elise's purse!

Sonic: Come on!

(They run inside the building up the stairs. Once on the roof, they spot Elise's group tied and gagged together on chairs. They then mumbled something to warn them)

Knuckles: Girls!

(He was about to run at them when Espio stopped him)

Espio: Careful, Knuckles. It could be a trap.

(Suddenly, a different ninja star appeared and struck the wall between Knuckles and Espio)

Knuckles: Yep, it's a trap.

(Then, a group of Gauntlet Soldiers appeared, weapons ready. Then the TMNM armed themselves as well while Tai's group hurried over to Elise's group and ungagged them)

Elise's group: Be careful, guys!

(Then the Gauntlet Soldiers approached the TMNM slowly while Tai's group tried to untie Elise's group)

Tails: There is something weird about this.

(Then two Gauntlet Soldiers charged at them, but Sonic and Vector knocked them back and then, to everyone's surprise, upon Vector stabbing one of his sais into a Gauntlet Soldier, a clang was heard)

Vector: Clang? Did it just make a clang noise?

(Then Sonic slashed the other Gauntlet Soldier in half, revealing that it's a robot)

Sonic: Check those dudes out!

Tails: Dudes, nuts! They're robots.

Charmy: Robots?

Omega: Almost like me.

Charmy: Then let's rock!

(The TMNM then discarded their disguises and fought greatly against the Gauntlet Soldiers)

Vector: (Laughs) Show them some moves, Tails!

(In the electronic room, Loki's group is watching the fight)

Sephiroth: I know that fighting style.

Myotismon: You're not the only one.

Hunter J: It is the Gauntlet technique.

Cortex: Could it be that...?

Eggman: Squall and Rinoa are still alive now?

(Back on the rooftop, a Gauntlet Soldier fired energy beams from a gun at Charmy and he dodged)

Charmy: Hey! What the heck?

(Then another Gauntlet Soldier used an electronic fan to use the energy beams to try and suck Knuckles and Vector up, but they hung onto a nearby roof pipe)

Vector: (Pulling his sai out) Eat this!

(He throws it at the fan, destroying it. After grabbing his sai back, Vector resumed joining in the fight. Then another Gauntlet Soldier threw an electronic ninja star at Sonic and Shadow. But thankfully, Shadow sensed what the ninja star's gonna do and grabbed Sonic)

Shadow: (To Sonic) Follow my lead! (To himself) Chaos Control!

(Then he teleported himself and Sonic to the ninja star and Sonic, realizing immediately as Shadow released him, cuts the ninja star down with his katanas. Then the other Mobians met up with them near a wall)

Vector: Where are these guys getting their gear, Mars?

Charmy: Let's show them that we Mobians know how to party!

(Then after the TMNM backed off, Rouge threw a little bomb onto the wall and it exploded, crumbling the wall onto the rest of the Gauntlet Soldiers. With Tai's group, they are having no luck in freeing Elise's group. Suddenly, Yuffie appears and walked up to them slowly, her shuriken readied)

Matt: Who are you?

(The TMNM caught up with Tai and Elise's groups and got ready to fight her when, to their surprise, Yuffie cuts Elise's group free, untying them)

Yuffie: Heh. Call that luck. Bye!

(She leaves)

Tai: Wait!

Sonic: Why'd you...?!

(But Yuffie is gone)

Sonic: Help us?

(Suddenly, Elise and Tai's group noticed more surviving Gauntlet Soldiers getting away and Elise got the TMNM's attention)

Elise: They're getting away!

Vector: Ha! That's what they think!

Sonic: Come on!

(Then they see the Gauntlet Soldier jump to another rooftop)

Pinkie Pie: How are we gonna get down there?

Kayla: Like this!

(Then she fired her grappling hook onto the other rooftop and she and the others slid down after the Gauntlet Soldiers who went into a trapdoor. Following after them, they stopped in a hallway)

Blaze: Where is everybody?

Charmy: Well, it's late. They probably went home.

(In the electronic room, Loki's group are watching them on the TV monitor along with Yuffie)

Sephiroth: So, they are up above us.

Vanitas: But who are they?

(Suddenly, Tails walked up to the screen)

Tails: (On-screen) Hey, look! An Acme Technologies Digital Video Transceiver.

(Back in the hallway....)

Tails: This is big-league gear.

Sonic: Whoa, who're the dudes that look creepy?

Charmy: Especially with two of them wearing helmets?

Knuckles: And is that the same girl we encountered with them?

(Back in the electronic room, Eggman shuts the TV monitor off as he and Loki's group realized)

Eggman: They are the Mobians...!

Yuffie: (Surprised) The ones who killed my parents?

Sephiroth: (Nods in realization) Yes.

(Vanitas then removed his helmet, revealing his head finally. He has the same face and hairstyle as the certain protagonist of "Kingdom Hearts," but with almost pale skin, yellow eyes, and dark gray short spiky hair)

Vanitas: Well, that explains them.

Sephiroth: Yuffie!

(Yuffie stood like a soldier in line hesitantly)

Sephiroth: At ease.

(She eases)

Sephiroth: We need to be alone.

Yuffie: Are you sure?

Sephiroth: Positive. Now go to your room.

(Yuffie nods and she left. Once alone, Loki spoke up)

Loki: Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly are indeed alive! And the Mobians are theirs!

Cortex: They must not discover the Jotundrome.

(Then Loki pressed a button to contact the Gauntlet Soldiers. In the hallway, our heroes heard Loki's voice)

Loki: (Voice-over) All Gauntlet Soldiers return to the Jotundrome at once!

(Our heroes got confused)

Knuckles: Jotundrome? Where's that?

Twilight Sparkle: It can only be one way.

(Adagio points down)

Adagio: Down.

(They run down the stairs. Once down the stairs, the TMNM turned to Elise and Tai's groups)

Sonic: Guys, wait here.

Elise and Tai's groups: (Nods) Fine by us.

(Then the TMNM hurried down some more while Elise and Tai's groups waited. In the lower part, the Gauntlet Soldiers went down more trapdoors and disappeared below. The TMNM arrived to find them gone)

Tails: They must be heading for this Jotundrome.

(In another chamber below, the Gauntlet Soldiers turned some valves to flood the building with water)

Loki: (Voice-over) Stop the Mobians at any cost!

Cortex: (Voice-over) And hurry!

(Then the water pipes bursted from the valves' powerful pressure and the building starts flooding with water. The TMNM then swam back up to where Elise and Tai's group are, trying to stay at the surface)

Silver: We got to safety! We'll drown!

Tikal: Silver's right!

Big: No problem! Froggy can swim like this.

Knuckles: Yeah, but we're not frogs!

(Quickly swimming, they reached the stairs, only to notice TK and Joe still in the water, struggling to swim. Matt and Silver dove into the water again and saved them in the nick of time before the hallway was completely flooded)

TK: (Coughs) Thanks.

Joe: We owe you one.

(Then noticing the water starting to flood some more, our heroes quickly ran to the roof quickly)

Rarity: I don't know if I can take much more of this!

Mimi: Me neither!

Charmy: Hey, look on the bright side.

Vector: At least it's not raining in here.

(Suddenly the water caught up with them and almost swept them away. Suddenly, they see some floating furniture and climbed onto them. Then Silver and Kayla used his powers and her grappling hook to sail them to the last hallway)

Charmy: Cowabunga!

(They make it up)

Charmy: The roof!

Sonic: Come on!

(They then make it to the rooftop and then water starting raining down on them from inside)

Elise: We've got to get out of here!

Tai: How?!

(Noticing the other building's rooftop nearby, Max fired his grappling arrow merged with Kayla's grappling hook and they fired at it. Quickly grabbing onto the cord, they zip up to the other rooftop. Then the flooded building collapsed from all the water flooding in there)

Vector: Well, I'd say the ninja crime wave is a washout.

(Our heroes laugh at Vector's joke, glad to have escaped. Later in the sewer lair, our heroes showed one of the Gauntlet Soldier attires to Cloud and Aerith)

Silver: This is what the ninja robots wore.

Aerith: As Cloud and I feared, it is the uniform of the Gauntlet Clan.

Cloud: Our old enemies, Loki, Eggman, Cortex, Myotismon, Hunter J, and Sephiroth, must be nearby.

Vector: Relax. Everything about that place went straight down the drain.

Cloud: The robots, perhaps.

Aerith: But Loki's group is no easy adversary to beat.

Sonic: Masters Cloud and Aerith, if they live, we'll find them.

Shadow: We Mobians don't know the meaning of the word defeat.

Charmy: That's right. We never bothered to look it up in the dictionary.

Matt: Don't you guys take anything seriously?

Knuckles: Of course we do, Matt.

Matt: Like what?

(The TMNM then showed their new pizza meal, this time with a s'mores flavored tiramisu. Elise and Tai's group chuckled a bit)

Matt: (Chuckles) I should have guessed.

Tai: Oh, well.

(They seat with the TMNM to enjoy the meal as well, no matter how gross it seems)

Pinkie Pie: Give me a slice of the bananas and sausage, will ya?

Charmy: Sure.

(He hands Pinkie Pie that. Then he looked at Joe, who accepted a pizza slice topped with chocolate syrup and pepperoni)

Charmy: Well?

Joe: Well, I'll give a taste test like any guinea pig.

(He bites it, and to their surprise, he actually enjoyed it)

Joe: Wow. It is delicious!

Mimi: Even my slice of the cherry and maple syrup pizza is good!

(They laugh and then resumed their meal)

To be continued....

Ending song: Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians (1987) (Version 2) Theme Song Instrumental Version

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