Cosmo the Seedrian is one the 21 main protagonists of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians (1987) (Version 2)" and a member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians.

Voices Edit

  • Etsuko Kozakura (Japanese)
  • Amy Birnbaum (English)
  • Lucila Gómez (Latin America Spanish)
  •  Alicia Sainz De La Maza (Castilian Spanish)
  •  Núria Trifol (Catalan)
  •  Marie Lenoir (French)
  •  Violette Chauveau (Canadian French)
  •  Kathrin Gaube (German)
  •  Rachele Paolelli (Italian)
  •  Almeida Riça (Portuguese)
  •  Lina Mendes (Brazilian Portuguese)
  •  ??? (Mandarin (Taiwan) Chinese)
  •  ??? (Mandarin (Mainland) Chinese)
  •  ??? (Cantonese Chinese)
  •  ??? (Korean)
  •  Louise Engell (Danish)
  •  Marjolein Algera (Dutch)
  •  Annelie Berg (Swedish)
  •  ??? (Icelandic)
  •  Pia Tellefsen (Norwegian)
  •  ??? (Thai)
  •  Elena Chebaturkina (Russian)
  •  Anita Sajnóg (Polish)
  •  Susa Saukko (Finnish)
  •  Márta Talmács (Hungarian)
  •  ??? (Greek)
  •  Maya Alon (Hebrew)
  •  Raifa Ahmed (Arabic)

Story Edit

Descriptions Edit

Cosmo is a female plant-like creature with light green skin, green hair with fuchsia almost-budding roses on each side, aqua blue eyes, and wearing a green long-sleeved dress with a white, petal-like skirt with green tips at the ends, white stockings, and green ballet slippers.

At night, her pajamas are a ruffled lavender tanktop and lilac shorts.

Her swimsuit is a green one-piece swimsuit with a pink heart on it.

Personality Edit

Character Relationships Edit

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails is Cosmo's boyfriend and, besides the other TMNM members, partner.

Episode Appearances Edit

Season 1

  • Mobian Tracks (Version 2)
  • Ventus Jones and his Group, Outlaw Heroes
  • Enter Orochimaru the Snake and his Group
  • A Thing About Rats (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version 2)
  • Hot-Rodding Fairies from Dimension X
  • Orochimaru and Gaara-Sakura'ed

Season 2

  • Return of Orochimaru's Group
  • The Incredible Shrinking Mobians (Version 2)
  • It Came From Beneath the Sewers (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version 2)
  • Mean Machines (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version 2)
  • Curse of the Evil Eye (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version 2)
  • The Case of the Killer Pizzas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version 2)
  • Enter the Bobcat
  • Invasion of the Punk Toon Patrol
  • Gaara, Sakura, Scalawag, and Igor No More
  • New York's Shiniest (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)

Season 3

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