Amy Rose is one of the 20 main protagonists of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians (1987)" and a member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians.

Voices Edit

  • Taeko Kawata (Japanese)
  • Lisa Ortiz (English)
  • Amaya Forch (Latin American Spanish)
  •  Meritxell Ribera (Castilian Spanish)
  •  Meritxell Ribera (Catalan)
  •  Naïké Fauveau (French)
  •  Lucie Sasseville (Canadian French)
  •  Anna Gamburg (German)
  •  Serena Clerici (Italian)
  •  Ana Vieira (Portuguese)
  •  Ana Lúcia Menezes (Brazilian Portuguese)
  •  Biwen Lei (Mandarin (Taiwan) Chinese)
  •  ??? (Mandarin (Mainland) Chinese)
  •  Yeong-ran Lee (Cantonese Chinese)
  •  Lee Yeongran (Korean)
  • Mille Lehfeldt (Danish; As Mille Hoffmeyer Lehfeldt)
  •  Thera van Homeijer (Dutch)
  •  Maria Rydberg (Swedish)
  •  ??? (Icelandic)
  •  Inger Gundersen (Norwegian)
  •  ??? (Thai)
  •  Elena Chebaturkina (Russian)
  •  Anna Rusek (Polish)
  •  Saara Lehtonen (Finnish)
  •  Bea Vadász (Hungarian)
  •  Sofía Tsáka (Greek)
  •  Lital Vadavski (Hebrew)
  •  Swim Abdulghani (Arabic)

Story Edit

Descriptions Edit

Amy is a female pink hedgehog with short pink hair-like quills, peach skin, a black nose, green eyes, and wearing a red hairband, a red sleeveless back-exposed turtleneck dress with a white neck and skirt rim, white gloves with yellow rims, and red and white boots.

At night, her pajamas are a red tanktop and shorts with little pink hearts as her pajamas.

Her swimsuit is a red two-piece swimsuit that consists a cropped bikini top with yellow heart prints on it and a skirt with the same yellow heart pattern as her top.

Personality Edit

Character Relationships Edit

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is Amy's boyfriend and, besides the other TMNM members, leader and partner.

Episode Appearances Edit

Season 1

  • Mobian Tracks
  • Christopher Aonuma and his Group, Outlaw Heroes
  • Enter Loki the Trickster and his Group
  • A Thing About Rats (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Hot-Rodding Creatures from Dimension X
  • Loki and Gainsborough-Strifed

Season 2

  • Return of Loki's Group
  • The Incredible Shrinking Mobians
  • It Came From Beneath the Sewers (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Mean Machines (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Curse of the Evil Eye (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • The Case of the Killer Pizzas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Enter the Pumpkinhead
  • Invasion of the Punk Mutants
  • Cloud, Aerith, Tiny, and Dingodile No More
  • New York's Shiniest (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Creatures from Dimension X
  • The Cat Woman from Channel Six (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Welcome to Yuffie's Nightmare
  • Return of the Jotundrome

Season 3

  • Beneath These Streets (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Mobians on Trial
  • Attack of the 50 Foot Mimi
  • The Maltese Spider
  • Sky Mobians
  • The Old Switcheroo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Cold as Ice
  • Yuffie the Hedgehog
  • Enter the Rat King (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Komodo Lumps
  • Mobians at the Earth's Core
  • Princess in Distress


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians the Movie: Oracle of Seasons
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians the Movie: Oracle of Ages
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians the Movie 2-A: Oracle of Ages
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians the Movie 2-B: Oracle of Seasons
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians the Movie 3: Spell of the Unown
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