Ace D. Copular is the supporting protagonist of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians (1987)," leader of the Gangreen Gang, and a member of Christopher Aonuma's vigilante group.

Voices Edit

  • Shintaro Sonooka (Japanese)
  • Jeff Bennett (English)
  • Rafael Pachecho (Latin America Spanish)
  • Enrique Hernandez (Castilian Spanish)
  •  ??? (Catalan)
  • David Kruger (French)
  •  ??? (Canadian French)
  •  ??? (German)
  •  ??? (Italian)
  • Scott Rodrigues (Portuguese)
  • Marcelo Garcia (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Liu Jie (Mandarin (Taiwan) Chinese) (Under the name Wangpai D. Copular)
  •  ??? (Mandarin (Mainland) Chinese)
  •  ??? (Cantonese Chinese)
  • Wonchan Lee (Korean)
  • Ole Fick (Danish)
  • Ruud Drupsteen (Dutch)
  • Dan Bratt (Swedish)
  •  ??? (Icelandic)
  • Espen Sadvik (Norwegian)
  •  ??? (Thai)
  •  ??? (Russian)
  • Jacek Braciak (Polish) (Under the name As D. Copular)
  •  ??? (Finnish)
  •  ??? (Hungarian)
  •  ??? (Greek)
  • Yoram Yosephberg (Hebrew)
  •  ??? (Arabic)

Story Edit

Descriptions Edit

Ace is a tall, skinny, 17 year old green-skinned boy with short black hair, pink eyes, and wearing black sunglasses, a blue and orange ski vest over a white shirt with long purple sleeves, red, white, and blue striped wristbands, yellow pants, and black shoes.

At night, his pajamas are a purple long-sleeved pajama jacket with buttons, purple long pajama pants, white socks, and sometimes wears yellow slippers.

His swimsuit is a pair of swimming trunks that are half blue and half orange.

Personality Edit

Character Relationships Edit

Adagio Dazzle

Upon meeting Adagio for the first time, Ace slowly fell in love with her in the process.

Episode Appearances Edit

Season 1

  • Christopher Aonuma and his Group, Outlaw Heroes
  • Enter Loki the Trickster and his Group
  • A Thing About Rats (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Hot-Rodding Creatures from Dimension X
  • Loki and Gainsborough-Strifed

Season 2

  • Return of Loki's Group
  • The Incredible Shrinking Mobians
  • It Came From Beneath the Sewers (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Mean Machines (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Curse of the Evil Eye (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • The Case of the Killer Pizzas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Enter the Pumpkinhead
  • Invasion of the Punk Mutants
  • Cloud, Aerith, Tiny, and Dingodile No More
  • New York's Shiniest (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Creatures from Dimension X
  • The Cat Woman from Channel Six (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Welcome to Yuffie's Nightmare
  • Return of the Jotundrome

Season 3

  • Beneath These Streets (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Mobians on Trial
  • Attack of the 50 Foot Mimi
  • The Maltese Spider
  • Sky Mobians
  • The Old Switcheroo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Cold as Ice
  • Yuffie the Hedgehog
  • Enter the Rat King (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians Version)
  • Komodo Lumps
  • Mobians at the Earth's Core
  • Princess in Distress


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians the Movie: Oracle of Seasons
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians the Movie: Oracle of Ages
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians the Movie 2-A: Oracle of Ages
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians the Movie 2-B: Oracle of Seasons
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Mobians the Movie 3: Spell of the Unown
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